No ImageGreen Mashed Potatoes

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  1. Bridger

    It was surprisingly good

  2. Rebecca

    I didn’t have fresh thyme so had to leave that out. I didn’t have parsley either, but kale worked as a delicious substitute. This morning I’m using the leftovers for baked eggs in a green cloud. Mmmmm!

  3. Amy L

    Just made this for Dinner tonight and it was awesome. I left the thyme out, added white cheddar and sour cream and it was perfect! Thank you!

  4. ERK

    Yum! We loved this. Added a bit’o’garlic, but that’s it.

  5. Espahan

    I love this recipe, parsley and green onions, sounds light and bright and looks pretty on the plate, a nice change from the cabbage/potato mixture. In truth I usually mix the cabbage in on day two with the leftovers in my version of an English dish called “Bubble and Squeak.”

  6. Safaa

    Made this today and loved it!! I love mashed potatoes in general but this recipe made it even better with a fresh taste and was a great side dish to my grilled Tuna Steak.. I used addes Spinach leaves because i didnt have enough Parsely, and the color was just amazing!

  7. Nicole

    This reminds me of something my dad made for my sister and me when we were little as a way to get us to eat our vegetables. He called it “Ninja Turtle Potatoes” (we were HUGE fans of the cartoon). It was essentially pureed cooked spinach and mashed potatoes and it was delicious!

    • Elise

      What a brilliant idea! I loved those Ninja Turtles. I think I still have the video. Can you believe what those actors did in those heavy costumes? Yikes!

  8. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    Or maybe add some pesto. I love anything in my mashed spuds and the more cream and butter the better ;)

  9. Helana Brigman

    What a fun and easy twist on a classic. This so much fun for a St. Patrick’s Day party. What is green besides parsley or mint to mix into mashed potatoes?

  10. Elizabeth Mars

    What a nice green food idea for St Pat’s day I might try changing them up a bit and turn them into potato patties to celebrate St Pat’s day.

  11. gary

    Lets make it a Guinness.

  12. Tasha @ Homemade

    Yummmmmm! All buttery, creamy and herbalicious.. love it!

  13. mantha

    It’s pretty much colcannon, isn’t it? Which usually uses green cabbage or kale for the green vegetable, along with the green onion. It was that lovely little lake of butter in the middle that reminded me. I love the idea of doing it with mint to serve with lamb.

    • reen

      Ye, it’s a lot like colcannon! I like the idea of this version too – might just try it this St. Patrick’s Day with some corned beef.

      • Cheryl

        Oh, that sounds fantastic! I was going to just do the traditional boiled veg with my corned beef (cabbage, carrots, onion, potatoes), but I think I will do this instead.

    • Elise

      It’s a lot like colcannon, though colcannon usually has cooked kale or green cabbage, and this is using fresh parsley and green onions, which gives it a more vibrant green color. I love all versions of colcannon, including this one.

  14. Walter Underwood

    This reminds me of the cilantro rice at Cafe Pasqual’s, but with potatoes.

  15. Denise

    I love potatoes any old way but with green in them is always better! I stir a parsley olive oil through them as well. Just a wee bit more festive!