No ImageGrilled Artichokes

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  1. Patty O

    My husband just said these were the best artichokes he’s ever had! We grew up in CA and we’ve eaten a LOT of artichokes. I just added lemon juice to the leftover oil and that was all they needed for dipping.


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  2. Lisa

    These look wonderful and make me wonder why I’ve never cooked artichokes! I’ve use canned ones plenty and love them. What season is best to buy fresh artichokes? What are some tips on finding good ones? Thanks and I love your recipes!

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  3. Amy

    I wanted this to work so bad. I am a chef and I steamed and grilled and then steamed again. Still really hard. Like inedible and the leaves were super charred at that point. I am going to try again, because this should have worked!

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  4. Nicole

    I’m trying these tonight-dumb question though….do you eat the whole thing? I feel ridiculous asking, but I don’t know. It’s why I have never tried cooking artichokes at home before…..

    Hi Nicole, check out our tips on how to cook and eat an artichoke. You definitely do not want to eat them whole, but scrape the petals with your teeth. The hearts you can eat whole, as long as you have removed the fibrous choke. ~Elise

  5. justme

    These are perfection! We made two last night with a little bit of balsamic reduction drizzled over. I just finished the last half for dinner this evening. You know what? They are just as good cold! Thanks for the tip to shave the stem. In all of my years of preparing ‘chokes, I’d never done that. Duh!


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