No ImageGrilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dogs

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  1. Peter

    Can I substitute dry white wine instead of beer in these recipes

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  2. Deniseregina

    Looks good. I will be trying this. HOWEVER, even in that tiny amount, I just can’t put ketchup on a hotdog!! Yes, I’m from Chicago!

  3. Sean Eddy

    I thought these looked good, and I was right! When I told my wife what I was making, her reply was “wait, grilled stuffed what?” She was really apprehensive, but quickly turned into a believer once she ate one. Great recipe.

  4. athina

    These were so much fun to make, and very yummy too- my guests loved them! Thanks! Great summertime fare.

  5. Kwai Chang Caine

    When I was a kid, not only did my mother make these at home, but there was a drive-in restaurant where this was a speciality. They were, and still are, called whistle pigs, and the were served at Page’s Whistle Pig at 6 Corners in Niagara Falls, NY.

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