No ImageGrilled Beef and Mushroom Burger

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  1. Christy

    Oh…..I forgot to add, I mixed up a little mayo and whole grain dijon mustard as a bun spread. The flavors went great with the burger!

  2. Christy

    We grilled these up last night. I only used a half ounce bag of dried Chanterelles in the burger because they were pretty expensive at my local grocery store, but they still gave the burgers a wonderful taste. The burgers were so juicy! I did use fresh Shitakes with the onion to top, creamy havarti cheese and grilled brioche buns……yum! A keeper for sure, thanks!


  3. Jess

    This is delicious! I don’t have a coffee grinder and used a food processor to grind the “flower mushroom” from Asian store (I just remove the stalk and they are so much cheaper) It keeps the burger moist despite no need for oil in the meat. Grilling the buns with olive oil is such a great idea too! This is a keeper! Thanks Elise!

  4. Julie

    After seeing the recipe the other day, I could not stop thinking about this burger. I finally made it last night … wow ! The only problem is that some friends stopped by and we shared supper ! Everybody loved it … but I still crave for more !

  5. Arundel

    My husband is a major fan of mushrooms, onions and Swiss cheese, and he was a little out of sorts the other day, so I made these for supper. Wow!

    What a great combination of flavors – the powdered mushrooms and the Worcester really deepen the beefy flavor. To complement that, the fresh mushrooms and Swiss are perfect. It was too rainy in Maine to grill outdoors, so it was all indoor cooking, but that didn’t hurt at all.

    Now that the old coffee grinder is cleaned out, it will get used for spices more often, too. I never knew the rice trick, but it works well.


  6. Foodtopii

    This is perhaps one of my favorite burgers, though I’d take sliced portobello mushrooms on top of my patty over shiitake mushrooms any day. Nice touch with dried mushrooms!

  7. Meghan

    Would be delicious with a bit of béarnaise :)

  8. Buthu

    I tried it last night it turned out yummy!

  9. ChristineL.

    The ground dried mushrooms is an amazing idea. I wonder what else can be embellished by some mushroom powder.

  10. Gary

    OK, I used ground turkey instead of beef and I didn’t have dried mushrooms so I omitted that too. To further complicate things, I used Havarti cheese and soy sauce instead of Worcestershire sauce (and NO additional salt). But you know what, the mushroom and onions came out so well that I have to say your recipe is GREAT. One day I will try it as you wrote it (cause if my adaptations worked the original must be fantastic). Thanks!!!

  11. LellyBilly

    This is a great recipe, I tried it tonight! I have to mention though, using a coffee grinder in place of a food processor to grind the dried mushrooms isn’t something you should recommend. When we tried to grind our dried mushrooms, the coffee grinder overheated and set on fire.

    Hi LellyBilly, how strange, given that coffee beans are so much harder to grind than dried mushrooms. ~Elise

  12. Susan

    I love how mushroom burgers taste almost like Salsbury Steak. We only do one flip of the burger on the grill and add the cheese to the finished side while the raw side cooks..about 4 minutes per side for about 2/3cup of ground beef. Yum…now I want burgers tonight!

  13. laura @ glutton for nourishment

    completely dreamy. this is the perfect burger!

  14. Jessica

    Oh wow, dried mushroom powder, that’s such a great idea! My all time favorite burger is the portobello one from Shake Shack in New York. I don’t have easy access to those mushrooms, so using this trick would be a good way to give a good shroomy punch!