No ImageGrilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb

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  1. Foodiewife

    Well, this recipe turned out a total success. I had to make a couple of tweaks, to suit my taste. I ended up adding Dijon mustard to the marinade and extra olive oil, only because it seemed a little dry. Our leg of lamb wasn’t butterflied to the way I had hoped my butcher would do… next time, I think I’ll cut it into sections so that the thicker pieces can cook longer. Some folks preferred rare while others wanted medium rare. Either way, even lamb haters loved it– especially with your mint-parsley chimichurri sauce ( added some lemon juice to that). I’ll definitely make it again.


  2. Lynne

    We tried grilling two legs of lamb for a family Easter dinner for the first time and they turned out perfectly! What a special treat… the family loved the lamb! We were a bit nervous about trying a new recipe for the first time for a family dinner, but the detailed instructions were spot on, as always. We cooked the lamb on a Big Green Egg seared the lamb on high heat ~450 degrees, then turned down the Egg to about 325 degrees. Excellent tip on using the skewers to hold the meat together as it cooked more evenly. We served the lamb with a beautifully bright green mint/mango based chutney…. so good!


  3. naya

    Im making this recipe tonight for myself but I only have a half pound piece of butterflied lamb leg. i wanted to roast it in the oven but cant find how long should i let cook. any advice?

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  4. Sarah B

    This recipe (with your Mint Chimichurri) was a huge hit at our Easter dinner last night. Thank you SO much for the detailed instructions on grilling~my hubby was nervous to attempt (& potentially mess up) such a large, expensive cut of meat but it turned out beautifully. Such a blessing for us as nervous hosts of our first Easter lamb meal


  5. Michelle Dold

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS RECIPE GUIDE!! I followed this exactly and my first leg of lamb for this thanksgiving turned out AMAZING!!!


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