No ImageGrilled Chicken Nachos

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  1. Doc

    Make sure you grill indirect, then they come out perfect.

  2. Kelly K

    I’ll admit I’m a nacho fanatic. Loved making this on the grill. It turned out incredible.


  3. Geri

    A simple question which has nothing to do with the recipe itself Elise. What do you mean “Drizzle it over the cheesy nachos and you won’t need “queso”? Queso means cheese of course. Do you mean that you won’t need more grated cheese on top because of the sour cream BBQ sauce? Just curious.
    These nachos will be delish, I just know it. Have all the ingredients including 3 types of bottled BBQ sauce so the most difficult part of prep will be deciding which flavour BBQ sauce to use (=
    Thanks as always for using your creativity to satisfy our hunger!

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  4. Charlotte

    How to make in oven. Thanks

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  5. Janell

    Youch! Four minutes on direct high heat torched my chips. Only the ones in the middle were salvageable. Was I supposed to kill the heat before putting the chips on the grill?

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