No ImageGrilled Corn on the Cob

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  1. Julie

    Corn turned out great on our gas grill and so easy! I’ve always thought I had to soak prior to grilling…so glad to find out I don’t have to. And the silks were so much easier to remove once cooked.


  2. Mary

    Love your site! Straight forward info!

  3. Michelle

    I grilled corn last week without the husks and it was kind of chewy. But this was easy and the corn was moist and tasty and there were barely any silks to take off afterwards. I will make this again!


  4. Lowell

    It was fantastic you don’t lose any of the flavor of the Corn it was so succulent a lot better than boy getting water more flavorful thank you very much


  5. Maurice

    Just made it on my Charbroil 2 infrared portable grill and it came out excellent.
    I let it go for 25 minutes and the husk were good and toasty. The husk came off real
    easy and not much silk strings were left behind. The corn had some nice golden brown
    color in some areas and made for a nice accent. I found the corn to be very flavorful and moist and came away from the cobb easily. I really enjoyed this method of preparing fresh corn and the best part is it’s so simple really incredible results. I guess nature really provided a great self contained cooking method with fresh corn.
    Thank you for posting this,


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