No ImageGrilled Eggplant Sandwich

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  1. Anna

    I love eggplants. I would make and eat them in almost anything. Recently I make a dip with fried eggplants. Yummy. I like to put on top of the fried or grilled eggplant a mixture of mayo and garlic.

  2. Diana

    I love eggplants in all their forms!
    A nice way of eating them is frying the slices in a non-sticky pan with no oil (a couple of minutes on each side) and then sprinkle them with some olive oil, parsley and if you like it some finely chopped garlic…and you have a very simple Italian side dish.
    This one is a good idea….I will try it.

  3. jln

    Wow! I tried this and it was just as the author said. My family thought that I had lost my mind when I said what was for dinner.

    I have some real meat boys – but they loved it! I am not a big vinegar fan, but these were yummy!

    I also fixed it for the relatives an they loved it!

    Yeah – a good recipe :)

  4. claudia

    I used to make eggplant parmesan back in the ’60’s & ’70’s; however, after using salt to decrease the moisture in the slices, I dipped each slice in a delicious batter (not crumbs–whole egg, flour etc) and this protected each slice from absorbing the oil in which I sauteed them before assembling them in the casserole. I also peeled off all of the skin–I notice that some recipes recommend leaving it on the edges, I don’t know why, it doesn’t add to the taste in a good way and the eggplant slice holds together well without it if you saute it in the batter. The batter then is a firm covering which crumbs are not. It was the recipe in The NY Times Cookbook (Craig Claiborne) from the late ’60’s and it was delicious. I think the recipe for the batter was in a different section of the cookbook and I also used the tomato sauce recipe from this cookbook although it was in another section.

  5. Heather

    I used to make sandwiches like this in college, only without the onion and basil, and I melted the cheese. Plus I panfried it with some spray oil instead of grilling.

    Or I’d top it with zucchini and mushroom.

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