No ImageGrilled English Peas

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  1. Rachel

    I think this recipe was delicouse.I loved the crispeyness.


  2. Yana

    I’m part of the US population that doesn’t own a grill and roasted these in the oven instead. I’m a huge fan of your roasted brussels sprouts recipe (as well as some of your other roasted veggie recipes), so I thought I’d give this a go in a similar fashion. The result didn’t quite work for me – I actually like raw veggies, so they have to come out significantly better cooked for me to appreciate cooking them, and, in this case, I was kind of bummed by not being able to eat the crunchy roasted shell…however, my husband loved them and he’s super picky about his veggies (especially peas) and has little interest in edamame.

  3. Steven Hall


    A nod to this recipe and a different approach to blistering the pea pods can be found at Aki and Alex’s Ideas in Food:

    Thanks Steven, interesting! ~Elise

  4. Kathi

    This was a great idea. I was roasting veggies on the grill anyway and wondering what to do with the peas I had in the fridge. I threw them in with the rest. Theye were a great addition to the peppers and aparagus.

  5. Paula

    Yum! I love fresh peas in their pods, and this sounds like a fun and novel recipe. I’m in the tiny minority of the U.S. population that doesn’t own a grill. Do you think this would work for roasting, like with other roasted vegetables?

    You could try it. I think a big part of the flavor here comes from the smoke from the grill though. ~Elise

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