No ImageGrilled Japanese Eggplant with Tahini Sauce

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  1. Ivy

    Sooooo delicious!


  2. Garrett

    I don’t think we can eat eggplant any other way ever again!


  3. RKLB

    I enjoy your website a lot and am very happy to see this post. Now I can contribute a little. :)

    The easiest and the best way to enjoy Japanese eggplants (well, at least for Japanese like myself) is to just grill them, skin on, until the skin is burnt (this can be done with the toaster oven). Then, peel the skin off and pour the soy sauce, citrus soy sauce, or Dashi soy sauce, with some bonito flakes or scallion on top. The amount of juice coming out from the grilled eggplants are just amazing and it’s a very important part of the sauce, too. Another my favorite dish is to slice and stir-fried them with butter (and garlic if you like), and add some soy sauce at the end. You can add some chopped herbs for garnish, like Shiso (Japanese basil) or even cilantro. Yummm.

    Eggplants that are harvested during the fall are considered to be a delicacy in Japan, BTW.

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  4. Dawn

    We had some friends over to have dinner with us last night, and guess what they brought with them? Japanese eggplants fresh from their garden! They were amazed that I had a recipe immediately in mind, when I started to make this dish. I had my husband grill the eggplants while I put the sauce together. I had a little homemade hummus, so I mixed it one to one with the tahini sauce. It came together very quickly and was absolutely delicious. Our friends seemed very happy with it. Thanks Elise!


  5. Rog

    hmmm very easy to prepare.. adding up with egg, its perfect for breakfast!

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