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  1. Noa

    The grilled chicken was OK, but that black bean sauce…wow! And the red onion garnish was awesome too!

  2. eugeniakukla

    I was so lazy and did not use the grill for this dish. I did use my Dutch oven. My husband loved this recipe. I can’t wait to try it on the grill!

  3. Michelle

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting this to be an out-of-this-world dinner. I just thought, yeah, it’ll be a nice twist on chicken. But it was really phenomenal. My 4y/o son has asked if we could have it every Wednesday night. I served it over brown rice and with some salad greens to make it into a burrito bowl (with salsa and sour cream on the side). Can’t wait to have it for lunch. I will probably make the beans for a ton of other dishes now. Thanks so much!

  4. Amanda


    I going to make this for our Friday night dinner. Can you suggest a side or two? I was thinking corn on the cob but what about some sort of rice dish? Nothing tooo complicated as we will be camping in a tent but I pre-make a lot of stuff.

    • Elise

      Hi Amanda, I suggest my mother’s Spanish Rice recipe.

      • Amanda A.

        Thank you for your suggestion but I ended up with a completely different side from your recipe collection. Your Mexican Green Bean Salad! Everything is ready to get stuffed into cooler as we speak.

        (your rice dish looks great too, but for some reason I don’t like tomatoes in rice – odd because I will eat almost anything generally)

  5. Carol at Wild Goose Tea

    This is a winner. I am in love with lime—–. The sauce is divine.

  6. Jeanie

    Loved this! We used whole chicken breasts and gave them a little more time on the grill. The black bean sauce was so delicious- we scooped up the leftovers with corn chips. A great summer supper- thank you!

    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Jeanie!

  7. Sandy S

    We loved this! Every part of it! Will certainly be making it again. We can’t use a grill here, so I did it on the stove top. It came out great! I also made rice with some small button mushrooms that I quartered and left in the marinade while the chicken was cooking. I then threw the mushrooms in with the chicken towards the end. Added the seared mushrooms to the rice when it was done and serve it beside the chicken on the bean sauce. I will be keeping the bean sauce and dilled red onions in mind for other dishes. I would be very hard put to decide which part of this dish I like the most. It works so well together. Will make more chicken next time to hopefully have leftovers for sandwiches and tacos.


    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Sandy! The black bean sauce isn’t the most attractive, but it certainly tastes good.

  8. Bob Y

    I freaked out a bit tonight eating this delicious chicken preparation on my Arabia dinner plate :). It felt like eating together. Weird and wonderful.

    • Elise

      Aren’t they beautiful plates? I have a whole set, it’s my “fine china”. Happy to “share” a meal with you!

  9. Susan Walter

    I always cook up dried beans in big batches (500g or 1kg at a time) and freeze what I don’t immediately need. Freezing actually improves them.

    • Sandy S.

      Thank you Susan for reminding me/us of how doable this is! I needed to hear this and will be following suit!

  10. Steve-Anna Stephens

    This looks like a great update to one of my favorite recipes! Can’t wait to try it again – and the photo is spectacular!

  11. SAS

    I used the marinade the other night with salmon and it was fantastic. I didn’t bother cooking it in the oven first, just put it on the grill (and drizzled the remaining marinade over it while it was cooking). I also doubled the “bean sauce” recipe and made black bean soup – it was gone in 2 days. If you thicken it up, the bean sauce makes a great bean dip, too!

  12. Megan

    That was amazing. So flavorful! Accidently added the crushed garlic to the marinade instead of the black bean sauce, but I think it still tasted as intended. Served with avocado. The flavors of the marinade, red onion, onion, avocado and black bean sauce melded perfectly together.. This will be one of my regularly-rotated recipes. Thank you.

  13. Toni

    Is there any herb you suggest using besides cilantro? I absolutely LOATHE the taste of cilantro and cannot cook with it. Would it just mess up the whole dish?

    Just skip it if you don’t like it. ~Elise

  14. Sarah

    Excellent – very tasty and the marinade made the chicken extremely tender. Would only caution that perhaps with regard to the cooking instructions for the chicken that a few minutes longer on the grill would ensure the chicken is cooked through – entirely depends on the thickness of the meat of course.

  15. kdg

    This was GREAT! I also added the grilled red onions to the bean puree — as well as some cumin. The sauce was delicious but it seemed like it was calling for some cumin, and it tasted even better with it. I served a home made pico de gallo on the side with diced avocados added in. Delicious! Went really well with the sauce as well.

  16. candace jurado

    I made this recipe last night and it was wonderful! My husband and I could not wait for lunch to roll around so that we could finish them off. I warmed up some white corn tortillas, put a dollop of the bean sauce, cubed the chicken and put it on top. I garnished with fresh shredded cabbage, carrot, red onion and avocado with a side of light sour cream. It was perfect! Yum Yum


  17. zchamu

    Made this tonight and it was well recieved. I would like to add a bit more kick though. I will add the onions to the black bean sauce next time as well. Have also considered jazzing the sauce up with hot peppers or something – any suggestions?

  18. Amanda

    I made this last night and it was a total hit. I would like to jazz up the black bean sauce though. I used dried black beans that I soaked overnight, so I might have been off a little bit as to how many beans to add, so that may have affected the savor of the beans. Any suggestions as to what else I could add to it? Also, can I cook the black beans in a pressure cooker instead of simmering them for 1.5 hours?

  19. Andy F.

    I made this two nights ago. FANTASTIC. Thanks!

  20. alamobecky

    The chicken was delicious but I’m not entirely sold on the black bean sauce. Next time I will leave out the cilantro stems (didn’t care for that flavor) but will add the grilled red onion to the blender along with the bean mixture — that sounds yummy.

  21. Sandra

    Elise, Thanks for the wonderful recipe. My 16 year old daughter made it for the family last night (as a treat for me YAY!) and it was SO DELICIOUS! Definitely a top 10 chicken recipe for our family. We have bean sauce left over so I’m going to grill some Tilapia tonight and use the bean sauce up! Thanks again, Sandra

No ImageGrilled Lime Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

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