No ImageGrilled Oysters

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  1. Maurita

    Instead of rice or rock salt, you can also steady oysters using a crumpled sheet of aluminum foil, as per Julia Child…

  2. jolie

    Hi elise, what is the alternative for grilling the oyster? can I still use this recipe and oven it? thanks

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  3. holli

    These turned out amazing! I had 12 oysters and lost one but I found doubling the recipe was helpful I also made some more sauce for some grilled shrimp. we shared with a friend and he said they were better than his favorite restaurant for oysters.

  4. Marilyn Adams

    I was weaned on oysters and the recipe looks good, BUT…….. They must be put on the grill with the cup side on the bottom! Cupped side on the grill. Because when they open, that nice cupped shell will keep all the juices in. Nectar of the gods!

  5. J Smith

    Wow, I was just thinking that my brother & I needed to grill another batch of oysters next month. This is great inspiration. Last January we did 4 dozen and 4 different toppings because oysters were so inexpensive. We decided our fav was a topping with red wine vinegar, worcestershire, parsley, cayenne, red pepper flakes, black pepper, cooked bacon, a bit of horseradish & lemon juice and sauteed shallots and garlic.

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