No ImageGrilled Polish Sausage

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  1. Amanda

    Sorry not this recipe but you mentioned sauerkraut pizza which is the Sour pig pizza! My favorite ever pizza! Mustard sauce instead of red sauce cheese Canadian bacon and sauerkraut so good!

  2. Brian

    I make this every Dyngus Day. Dyngus Day, is a Polish holiday celebrated across Eastern Europe — and within the U.S. where large populations of polish might reside. It’s kind of like Fat Tuesday at the other side of Lent. In cities like Buffalo, NY there are parades, and the food of the day is kielbasa and sauerkraut, and there’s lots of polka music.

    I’m in Northern CA, and my kraut of choice is Sonoma Brinery. Thanks for all the great recipe ideas.

  3. Miryam Ratajczak

    Me too! I wish I could have some of that sausage right now. We can only get smaller sausages and we only get all beef, as we live in Argentina. But they would be good like this also.

  4. Mary

    A friend of mine is having the sauerkraut and sausage meal and ask us to bring a salad. What type of salad should accompany this type of meal. Thank you in advance.

    Personally I love coleslaw with sausage. But then, that’s just a raw form of sauerkraut. But it would taste good. ~Elise

  5. Shelly

    Do you serve with regular mustard or some other type?

    Any type of mustard you like. Dijon, yellow, whole grain, your choice. ~Elise

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