No ImageGrilled Radicchio Salad

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  1. Renee

    What is the consistency of the dressing? I had to use a blender that would not allow me to add slowly and the consistency of the dressing was very thick.

    This is fine, it’s not supposed to be too watery. If you find it too thick, add a little more vinegar or water. ~Elise

  2. Christina

    Delicious! I made a couple of small changes, but the heart of it (the grilled radicchio!) was the same: Since I can’t tolerate raw garlic well, I sautéed it in a bit of olive oil. I had made too much of a marinade for a halibut steak we were grilling, so I put that into the pan: 1 part soy sauce, 1 part lemon, 1/2 part olive oil and 1/2 part balsamic vinegar. I let that simmer on low heat while I continued preparing dinner (for about 5 minutes? I don’t know… I never pay attention It should just thicken a bit). When it was done I added mustard (I have a “balsamic, fig and dates” one, but any sweet-ish one would do, I think), and some pepper.

    To the chopped radicchio I added a carrot (I made it into shavings using the peeler), a handful of pine nuts, 3 of those tiny crunchy cucumbers, and once tossed with the dressing, grated some fresh romano on top.

    Thank you for this great idea of grilling radicchio! For the first time ever, my husband elected to not eat as much of the fish and potatoes so that he could enjoy the rest of the salad! Love this site!

  3. Tea

    This week I had an amazing dish in a restaurant in San Francisco–radicchio, quartered and wrapped in proscuitto, then cooked in a hot oven. It was served with a creamy, tarter sauce-like accompaniment and I was hooked.

    Looking forward to trying this too. Thanks!

  4. Lisa Warren

    I love radicchio as well and wanted to share my favorite radicchio recipe, Radicchio with Goat Cheese Crostini. Instead, of grilling I use a sautee pan to make this super easy appetizer. Chop up the radicchio – cook it with olive oil a little balsamic vinegar, honey salt and pepper. Serve warm with toasted crostini and a nice spread of fresh goat cheese. It is really tasty and easy!

  5. Olivia

    Sorry! I forgot the key ingredient! Pancetta….so you start with garlic, pancetta cut like match sticks and red pepper flakes…..

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