No ImageGrilled Spicy Citrus Ribs with Bourbon Glaze

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  1. Debbie

    Hi Elise,
    What do you think about searing country style, boneless, pork ribs, then braising them in the brining liquid. Then if braised on stove top move to oven and finish off in there basting with bourbon glaze; or if braising in oven remove lid and finish with bourbon glaze.

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  2. rose

    i really liked these ribs. i thought the brine really helped keep them juicy and the bourbon glaze was delish.
    however our cooking time got all messed up. our gas grill is great but…um…ahem…we grilled during winter, so go figure. our problem ended up being that some ribs were cooked and others were slightly still raw…i suppose different parts of the grill were hotter/cooler. oh well. still ended up tasty in the end.
    for those who like ribs in sauce though, these were not their favorites, just FYI.
    anyway, thanks elise – love the idea of brining more meats than just chicken/turkey!

  3. J Les

    For all you “smokers” out there, instead of soaking your wood, just ry wrapping your wood in heavy duty foil, up to four wraps, then poke a few small holes in the packet. It lets the smoke out slowly, converts the wood to charcoal, and will not cause that acrid, green wood smoke that kills the flavor of your food. For gas grills, use small wood pieces or chips. For larger smokers and charcoal grills, make a wood packet, or if you’re spreading out your charcoal with gaps, lay wood chunks between and touching the charcoal. I use a combination of mesquite and oak for read meats, a little mesquite and either oak or hickory for fish and chicken or pork.

  4. will

    These ribs, like every other Elise Recipe I have made, rock! One tip for all of you. When removing the membrane from the back of your rack of ribs(highly reccomended), use a paper towel to give you a much better grip on it.


  5. judi

    I made this for friends last weekend and there were NO leftovers!
    Thanks for such a perfect recipe.
    Yet again!


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