No ImageGrilled Tomatoes

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  1. Jim in AZ

    I used a silicone grilling sheet and kept the tomato seeds and liquid. even though it was already pretty ripe, it stayed intact on the sheet. After turning it, I added some mozzarella cheese. It was wonderful.

  2. bob

    I have been doing this for years, but what I do is I take the basil and ut in in a pestel and mortar.. then add the olive oil to it let is steep for a little bit then I se that oild to cook and finish with a fresh drizzle then add fresh basil!!

  3. Ottavia

    Italians make tomato sauce – passata, and store it in sterilized glass bottles (like recycled beer bottles) to eat all year long with their pasta. When you open a bottle, you cook the passata at least 30 mins to give the tomatoes a better flavor!

  4. Rock Kitaro

    Looks divine!!! Thanks for this!

  5. Cindy

    Oh cool! I had been looking for a tomato pie recipe on your site, so I wouldn’t duplicate anything, but I guess I was looking for it in vegetables section. Thanks for the link to yours. Honestly I’m such a nerd I’ll probably go to yours instead of thumbing through my index cards. :)

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