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  1. L.D.

    Why do they prepare trout with the head on? It might appear professional but I really don’t find it appealing. Is it just me or what?

  2. Sandy S

    Elise, once again your photos are killer. The one with the trout on the platter is just perfect! Oh My! I am so hungry for grilled trout with lemon and dill! Of course your story (and Kos’ above!) have me wishing for fresh trout that has just been caught. Oh how I would love to be trotting down to the river to do a little fishing! As it is, I have my fingers crossed for some reasonably fresh trout at the market. I’m thinking they will go well with either a little seasoned rice or perhaps your zucchini fritters. Wish me luck with my catch!

  3. Mark

    I’ve always cooked my fish whole, minus the innards, of course. Once cooked, simply lift the tail / backbone. The meat of the fish will fall away with a little gentle encouragement from the tines of a fork.

  4. Shannon

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do you actually EAT the fish? As in, how to you get all of the bones out after it’s cooked. A coworker recently gave me a trout he caught (also from the American river!) cleaned like this and I don’t know what to do with it once its cooked. Thanks! :)

    • Bebe

      Not a dumb question at all, Shannon. I have never cooked or eaten a whole trout like this one and I was wondering the same thing. In some posh restaurants the server carefully does the duty with the backbone. At home it is up to us!

    • Dave

      Shannon,and Bebe, after they are cooked fully, the meat pulls off the bones easily. I use my fork and pull the meat off the bones, the vast majority of the bones stay attached to the backbone. Start your fork near the backbone and gently pull away.

  5. kos

    I love the fact that Trout is well known (and eaten) in USA and Europe. Here (Poland) they are probably different genus but still Trouts. The best one I’ve had in my life was in Polish Bieszczady mountains. There is an artificial lake created by a dam in which is one of two in entire Poland open water Trout farms. Actually it is kind of academic so also very obsure. On holiday I went there and saw little sign in obscure place that said “Selling fresh trout 12-14 (that is 12 to 2PM)”. It was just 3 minutes walk from my holiday home so I went there and I wasn’t disappointed. The janitor just asked me if I wish to have big or small Trout (obviously I wished for big). Next he went on a boat. Paddled to the middle of the lake. Fiddled with landing. Went back and presented me with two enormous (like 1kg each) ALIVE Trouts in a shopping bag. Next I went to my holiday house with Trouts wiggling in bag. As for a short time I was wandering what to do with alive Trouts the host proposed that he will carve the fish for us. He just had cut it alive and took out its intestines. Next I’ve put it on grill with little salt and few lemon slices placed in the belly. And it was the best Trout I’ve had since it was so extremely fresh.

    Once (and it was like 15 years ago) I’ve bought a Trout for grill from an old lady who was selling Trouts for toursts to grill. Everyday she sold only like 10 of these and went home so her husband must have fished them. Nevertheless she sold them grill-ready-made with special herbs. The herb was (Sweet Flag or Calamus – I’ve translated from Wikipedia) and it was the best spice for sweet water fish I’ve ever tasted!

    • Mark

      Trout on the grill with a little lemon. That’s exactly how I eat them here in the NW, United States.

No ImageGrilled Trout with Dill and Lemon

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