No ImageHam and Potato Soup

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  1. Kathleen

    So ridiculously good! I use the instapot to pressure cook the ham bone to make the stock. Then I removed the stock and sautéed the veggies. Added the stock and potatoes and boiled it with the lid off for about half hour. Then used an emulsion blender to make it just creamy enough but left lots of chunks of potatoes. Added ham and cream and let simmer for a few before serving. One of my all time favorite soups!


  2. Angie

    Is this ok to make ahead of time I was thinking it would be an all day dinner recipe like slot of soups so I started it in an but my hubby isn’t home until evening should I just wait to add tatoes til later so they don’t all mush or just make as directed and he can heat up

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  3. Karisa

    One of my favorite soups. I’ve made it quite a few times. I wonder, could I use my leftover Christmas mashed potatoes in this soup instead of chopping more potatoes?


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  4. Bernice

    Oh, that was delicious. Will be making it again for sure!


  5. G Hutto

    I made this recipe last week it is absolutely yummy & used a ham bone

    With a little meat left on it. Took it from the freezer put in slow cooker

    Low temp overnight to make the broth


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