No ImageHanger Steak with Shallots

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  1. nishar

    great recipe


  2. EDCinci

    I saw this recipe this Saturday, after purchasing a prime hanger from the local butcher. (Also took a prime skirt and brisket.) The directions on cutting the steak into mini-filets were spot on. Thanks so much. The recipe was great.

  3. Gaby

    I made this for my boyfriend last week and it was delicious!!! In addition also made your cucumber-mint salad and blueberry cake and it all turned out so wonderfully. Thank you again for this amazing website!

  4. Heather

    I made this last night and it was a wonderful. My local whole foods does not carry hanger steak, but the butcher suggested skirt steak as an alternative. The cut of meat was considerably thinner, so 2.5 minutes on each side and the steak came out medium rare (medium in the thinner sections) Also, I realized at the last minute that I already drank the red I thought I had on hand. (oops!) So I was forced to use some white wine as a substitute. The sauce was buttery and flavorful nonetheless.


  5. cortney

    I make this last night, though had to use flank steak because the only hanger steak available was frozen and I didn’t have time to defrost it. The sauce drew much praise from my guests. The only complaint was that there wasn’t enough sauce. Next time were making more. The nicest part was we bought both the flank and hanger steaks at a butcher shop, and spent less than we do for 2 NY Steaks at the supermarket! Great Recipe…Thanks

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