No ImageCaprese Salad with Tomatoes, Basil, and Mozzarella

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  1. Becca

    Simple and amazing! My mom loved it… drizzled some soy sauce on and it was DELICIOUS


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  2. Alex

    Classic, simple, yet so delicious.


  3. Niketa

    I tried this recipe with pan fried halloumi …..and some crumbled feta too….all soo soo good.

  4. signaturetaste56

    There’s a variation on this classic Caprese salad that can be used as an appetizer. Instead of slices of a whole tomato, you use cherry tomatoes, bite-size blocks of cheese, and basil leaves doubled over, all served on a skewer similar to a kabob skewer. It’s great for parties, etc.

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  5. Julane

    I live in northern California & while it’s hard to grow heirlooms here our great farmer’s markets and Whole Foods keep me in supply.
    I have made this salad for years. If you have a really good olive oil this is the time to use it as all the flavors will be enhanced. I sometimes use fresh lemon juice instead of balsamic for a change, which gives a nice fresh flavor. Of course, the other great way to use the three primo ingredients is to cut up the tomatoes, lots of basil, garlic, mozzerella, olive oil, basalmic vinegar and mix it up with hot pasta. The best summer dish hands down!

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