No ImageHerbed Turkey Burger

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  1. low and slow

    This is very close to my recipe but try adding some ground chicken to the mix it helps to keep the burger moist and flavorful.

  2. Oyate

    Thank you for posting this recipe! I started an elimination diet for inflammation and I found this recipe that works great! Best thing about it was ALL 4 of my children enjoyed this meal. Ages 8,7,5 & 2.5, and they wanted more!!! I have a hard time getting my baby to eat anything and this hamburger she wanted more of! I substituted the bread for alfalfa and I made an easy homemade guacamole to go on top of the patty. So, Guac on top of the patty, alfalfa wrap, and romaine wrapped around that. A protein burger. So good!! I will keep this for the main menu. Thank you.


  3. Al

    Amazing, the kids gobbled them up( pun intended) and even my wife love them!


  4. Kandace

    The best turkey burger!! Love all the herb flavors.


  5. Wendy Reaves

    This was a Great burger!!! I added a little garlic powder and season salt to my ground turkey to ensure it was well seasoned. Excellent!!! Thank you for the recipe.


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