Hoisin Glazed Baked Salmon

Skin-on salmon is fine to use in this recipe. Just marinate it skin-side up, and cook it skin-side down.

  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 10 minutes
  • Marinating time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 4


  • 2 Tbsp hoisin sauce
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • 1 Tbsp lime juice (can sub rice vinegar)
  • 1-2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 large garlic clove, smashed and minced
  • 4 6-ounce salmon fillets
  • Vegetable oil, for greasing the broiler pan


1 Make the hoisin marinade: Mix the hoisin sauce, soy sauce, lime juice, sugar, and garlic together in a bowl. Taste and adjust to your taste (more lime juice if too sweet, more sugar if too acidic).

2 Marinate the salmon: Coat the salmon pieces in the marinade and chill for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

hoisin-glazed-salmon-method-600-1 hoisin-glazed-salmon-method-600-2

3 Broil the salmon: Set the rack in your broiler to about 6 inches underneath the heating element. Turn on the broiler.  Lightly grease a foil-lined broiling pan with vegetable oil.

Arrange the salmon pieces skin side down (if your fillets still have skin on one side) on the pan and paint with a little more of the marinade.

Broil until done, about 5-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the salmon fillets and the heat of your broiler.

hoisin-glazed-salmon-method-600-3 hoisin-glazed-salmon-method-600-4

Serve with steamed rice. Asparagus or Asian Coleslaw would work well as side dishes for this salmon.

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  • Angela

    This was delicious! I did not use the sugar. I added a squirt of Siracha. Served it with roasted broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes.


  • LeAnna

    This was really, REALLY delicious. I served it alongside jasmine rice, tomato bisque soup and baked asparagus. I will definitely be making this again!


  • Chris Kinsey

    I made this last week and it was a HUGE hit! My husband said he’d like me to make it once a week!!


  • Mary Kaye

    Hello Elise,
    I stumbled upon your site about a year ago and I am grateful to you for your delicious recipes, your straight forward, intelligent style and the beautiful photography. I learn almost as much from the many commenters as from you! This is my first comment.
    Last night I made your Hoisin Glazed Salmon. So easy, so delicious, so richly colorful. I served the salmon with small boiled potatoes coated with EVOO, cracked pepper & coarse salt and carmelized carrots lightly doused with balsamic vinegar. A little too much of the orange color. So I closed my eyes.
    Thank you for inspiring me to cook, and to be better. And eat better!


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mary Kaye, great to hear from you! I’m delighted that you like the recipe. It is pretty good, isn’t it? :-)

  • Sandy S

    A year ago, I bought Hoisin sauce for the first time because of this recipe. It is a little sweet for my taste and hung around the fridge until one night when I was making a PB &J and grabbed it by accident, thinking it was a jar of fig jam. I am here to tell you that it makes a very good PB & J! So good that it is no longer an accident when I use it that way!

  • Patti

    My husband only eats salmon so I am always looking for new recipes. He LOVES this and asks for it once a week!


  • Lyn

    I just tried this recipe. It is simple and delish!! Thanks


  • Carol

    Yesterday one of my husband’s logger buddies gave him a fresh salmon & I was looking for a good recipe, this knocked it out of the park! I did make a few changes. I broiled in only for 8 minutes, covered it w/foil & baked it for 5 minutes. I also added a lit’ bit of hot chili sauce to the marinade & drizzled fish w/oil before baking, it kept it the fish moist. Thanks for the recipe :-)

  • Elizabeth Carmichael

    This recipe is pretty good. It is almost perfect, but I think it needs a bit of something though, maybe some ginger?

    Thank you for the recipe!

  • Abrianna

    I have never made salmon before, and never liked it too much. After reading this recipe, I HAD to try it!!! It was so good, but I cooked it a little longer to make it a bit cajun and crispy:] I had sticky rice and steamed broccoli for my sides. I will definitely be having this again.


  • Judy

    My husband looves salmon but I don’t care for it so I made this for him. I can’t believe how delicious this simple recipe is. It has made a salmon convert out of me! We’ve made it several times now and really enjoy it. Thanks Elise!

  • Chris

    Had this tonight with sticky rice and Asian slaw. Delicious.

    Thanks Elise – keep the recipes coming.


  • Sara Jane

    Made this tonight to rave reviews from the husband (and my tastebuds!) It took about 14 minutes with my broiler, but it’s a bit special. I added a little molasses to the sauce, just cause I love the brown sugar flavor with salmon. Thanks for the recipe, super simple and super good!

  • Helene

    Made this last night with a long piece of salmon I divided in 2 to be able to marinate it in a dish. Didn’t read the recipe correctly so marinated skin side down. Broiled close to 10 min (my filets were thick) and it turned out great. Love the mix of flavors and was a great way to use the hoisin sauce I had that I don’t always know how to use. Not very common in France.
    Thanks again for a new savory discovery.

  • Kristen

    This was so good! I made it last night for myself and my husband. I used the extra lime juice because I really love citrus flavors with fish, and it turned out amazing!
    Thanks for the recipe, it’s a keeper.


  • Chris

    Cooked this for the girlfriend today with bacon-wrapped asparagus. Came out great, thanks!


  • Erin

    First time commenter but long time SimplyRecipes stalker :) This was absolutely delicious! I made the baked parmesan asparagus you posted the other day with a side of rice – stuck both the fish and veggies in the broiler and in less than 10 minutes they were done. Yum, yum, yum! This was the first fish dish I’ve ever made and it will now be a staple in our house. So easy for this busy medical student! Thanks Elise!

  • Jayne

    That happens to me a lot too when fish shopping. We would go shopping, having something in mind, and almost always return with something entirely different. My husband adores salmon so much so thankfully we do get really red and fresh ones here. Hoisin glaze sounds interesting. I’ve only hoisin-glazed pork and chicken. Will have to try this.

  • Jacqueline

    Made this tonight with roasted asparagus and quinoa. This is a salmon recipe I will make again and again. It is absolutely delicious.

  • Beverly

    Another good recipe for broiled salmon is:

    Melt 2 tblspns butter with 2 tblspns lemon juice, and 1 tblspn dried dill; after putting one or two salmon filets on the no-stick foil, paint the filets with the melted sauce and broil as usual. (No need to turn if the filets are skinless.) It is a good idea to paint the filets again after a few minutes with any left-over sauce. I like the filets to have a bit of browning on the top and the meat to be done inside. Delicioso.

  • Benjamin

    I made this tonight and despite being oh so tempted to add ginger I followed the recipe. It was delicious as 99% of the recipes I’ve tried here are. I did serve it with your Asian coleslaw which was also a hit, steamed asparagus and baked sweet potato. Superb!

  • Bebe

    Salmon works best as it is a fatty fish. Other fish might dry out unless closely watched. And it would have to be something that is a fairly thick cut.

    Our salmon (not the wild kind) has been very good and quite reasonably priced. Many specials.

    As for eating the skin, it gets pretty charred. And no, I don’t think it’s my thing…:-)

  • Rusty

    I was looking for a recipe for Tuna but I’m sure this will be great. Just bought a neat looking steak and this is going on the grill tonight.

    Accompanied by baked spiced sweet potatoes and snow peas, washed down with chilled Pinot Grigio.

    Many thanks

  • Brian

    I’m going to try this but on the grill because A – it’s over 20 degrees outside and B – it keeps the fish smell out of the house. Plus? Grilled asparagus is fantastic.

    • Dawn

      If you do try it on the grill, try an idea from Cooks Illustrated. Put a sheet of non-stick foil on the grill under the fish – helps to keep the fish in one piece, and stops it from sticking to the cooking grate surface. Clean up is easy too! Reynolds makes non-stick foil and it is available in many grocery stores.

  • Darrin

    Nice recipe – liked blend of sweet and savory. I liked much better than Salmon with Miso Glaze. remember folks to buy wild caught salmon (ie., Alaska) since farm raised Atlantic Salmon (almost none is wild-caught) is full of antibiotics and pesticides from being raised 3000 fish to a 30′ pen.

    • Darrin

      Oh – and meant to suggest to Cassie to save $ getting a big 25# bag of sticky rice from international store (or brown rice is healthier) and a small piece of wild salmon for everyone in the family… A favorite meal for our family!

  • Cassie

    My mouth is watering just reading the recipe!! Could I use a different type of fish? Has anyone tried using anything else with good results? Having a family of seven, that would be a lot of salmon… I’m open to suggestions!!
    Thanks a ton!

  • Paul

    I broil it with the skin side up afterwards like Bebe does, but it sounds like Bebe tosses the skin–say it ain’t so! It comes out crispy and delicious.

  • Bebe

    Sounds delicious.

    I broil the kind of salmon shown in your photos all the time. With one exception. I start it skin down for 5 minutes, then turn it (using two longish spatulas) so that the skin is up for another 5 minutes. When finished, I remove the skin by running a metal spatula between the skin and the flesh, then flip the filet onto the plate.

    Works like a charm and the fish is evenly cooked with no dry spots and no undercooked spots.

  • Bill

    Thanks for the post Elise. A great pairing! I love salmon and I love cooking with hoisin. It’s coincidental that you mention that asparagus goes well with this because I often broil them together. Drizzle olive oil over asparagus and drop them on the same pan – cook time works out well. Finish with sprinkles of parmesan cheese on the asparagus. Delicious and healthy!

    • reen

      Hi Bill! I, too, love the salmon and asparagus pairing, and it’s my traditional “first day of Spring” dinner for my family. I’ll have to try it with hoisin and lime, it sounds and looks fabulous.