No ImageHoliday Pinwheel Cookies

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  1. Trixie

    Hi! I want to make these & am considering rolling the log in sprinkles for some added -pizzazz-. Do you think there’s any issues with that? The sprinkles shouldn’t burn or anything, right?

  2. carol

    I think these cookies were really good. though at first the dough was definitely a little crumbly and hard to work with. I would also recommend rolling the dough out on plastic wrap, because since it is so crumbly you can you the wrap to roll it up. I added almond extract and it was so good. These cookies looked so cool but defiantly were a little harder to make than I though. Overall I would totally recommend this recipe!

  3. Nancy

    Made these today. They filled my kitchen with the wonderful smell of raspberry. While they do take a bit of effort, the results are well worth it! Working with the dough was easy until the process of rolling into a log. It started to crack a little, however I was able to work the cracks out using my fingers and parchment paper. Can’t wait to include them on my Christmas cookie tray this year!! I was too impatient to freeze the dough and bake later. I’m hoping they freeze well after baking.


  4. Leslie

    They are soooo good


  5. Reir

    We baked these today and these are awesome! The raspberry flavor is so nice. The dough did crack when I started rolling, but I managed to work through it by kneading slightly while rolling. Kids loved these, as did the adults, thanks for a wonderful recipe!

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