No ImageHoliday Spiced Sweet Potatoes (Yams)

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  1. fabiola donnelly

    We’re making your version this year! I love that you used orange zest. And thank you so much for sharing my recipe :).

  2. Dan Kosta

    Thanks for all the great recipes on your site. I tried this recipe and loved it and will make it again. I also do my own simpler version that several friends have also liked. I pierce the sweet potatoes several times with a fork then microwave for about 6 minutes. I cube the cooked sweet potatoes and mash wit a little margarine. I add in a bit of orange juice to thin it a little and a pinch of cinnamon for extra flavor. A friend who hated sweet potato casserole (I hate it too) tried this method and became a sweet potato fan. Hope you like it.


  3. Ginny McMeans

    What a perfect side dish. It’s not too sweet and the spices are great. I have some old Bon Appetit’s too and love them.

  4. Gil Ferguson

    My local produce stores stock both yams and sweet potatoes, so you really do need to know what you are asking for and expect.

  5. Gil Ferguson

    just for the record:
    Sweet potatoes and Yams are not the same thing, in fact they are not even related.

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