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  1. Sienta

    Thanks for the recipe. It was so good. Better than store-bought and healthier. I didn’t put the curing salt but I did put in two small beets. The beef had a light pink color after cooking. Next time I will put more beets.


  2. Norma

    I cannot consume sodium nitrites so I am thrilled with this recipe. Yes not pink but when smothered in cabbage new potatoes and carrots who cares?

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  3. Judy

    This is a very good recipe. Followed it to a t and had excellent results. Far superior to what you can by in the grocery stores.


  4. Kamakanui

    Brine proportions by weight for 4 cups (1 liter) of water:

    Salt 75 grams

    Sugar 25 grams

    Pink salt 6.5 grams

    Add herbs and spices at will.

    This is a strong brine. Beef, bison, venison stay under the brine for one to two weeks or more.

    After the brine, desalinate. I recommend a double soak in clear water. 4 hours or so in clear water, drain and rinse, then overnight in clear water. This helps a lot with the saltiness.

    The bison chuck roast I’m brining tomorrow morning will be pastrami in about 2 1/2 weeks.

  5. Wm MacDermod

    This article just happened to pop up and made a good read because my wife and I are New England born and raised both from Irish families in Boston. We like what the Irish call grey corned beef an corned it in a 3 gal crock pot fill crock pot 3/4full with water , throw in a medium potato and add salt till the spud floats to the top, take out potato and add brisket. Cover with a weighted plate that closely fit inside crock and put in refridge for anywhere from 2weeks to 4 weeks.

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