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  1. Kathleen H.

    My mom always made them from raw potatoes and they were good. But, my husband showed me a great variation and that’s the only way I make them now. When the potatoes are done, lay cheese slices or shredded cheese on top. Cover pan and turn off the burner. Wait until cheese is melted to remove the lid. Sooo good!


  2. Rick Grunwald

    Where I grew up home fries were in every small restaurant that served breakfast. They would cut them into 1″ chunks rather than slices

  3. Fran Duma

    What is a “ramp”. Loved reading about my favorite fried potatoes–I’ll try making them again, as I have never been very successful at it!!

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  4. Vanessa

    Thanks, Elise, for posting this recipe. It’s one of those types of cooking that we all should know how to do, in theory, and yet the method sometimes escapes us. Fried potatoes – how easy! And yet I’ve burned more batches, or had half of the potatoes still be raw, than I can count. Your way is the best way I’ve found so far, and this will be my new method of cooking them. All of us home cooks appreciate you very much!

  5. Andrew

    Mom makes them both ways. When we have alot of potatoes, we microwave allot of them. Those we do not eat right away, we put in the fridge. They cut and fry up better (when they are pre cooked), if they are really cold because they firm up. If they are hot or even warm when you gtry to cut them, they mash up and get gummy.

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