No ImageHomemade Potato Bread

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  1. Terry Hembry

    Awesome recipe my roommate ran out of bread and asked me to make a loaf for him. Made two and now he doesn’t buy bread anymore!


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  2. Ron

    This was my third time baking this bread and it always comes out great. For this last bake I used leftover mashed potatoes that I had frozen and because I didn’t have any regular milk I sed buttermilk. The breads baked up perfect.


  3. Amanda

    This bread is amazing! It makes wonderful French toast, hamburger buns….just anything really.


  4. jerome

    Can you make this without bread pans? They are not a thing where i’m from.


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  5. T-Anna bakery

    Doubled it and made the best bread! Now, it is set up and we are making 7 loaves a day and 14 on weekends! I slathered it with melted butter as soon as i pull it out of the oven! I do add an egg per loaf.


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