No ImageHomemade Tartar Sauce

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  1. Ralph

    Depending on the dish, I will add pickle juice to loosen up the sauce until it flows sort of like lava. I then make a generous puddle on the plate and plop the fish on top. It’s really great for maximum tartar coverage! Does well when plated with roast new potatoes (or tater-tots in a pinch). Garnish with a sprig of parsley and you’re golden! BTW, Hellmann’s olive oil mayo and Bick’s baby dills with garlic – if you don’t have Bick’s in the states, I think Amazon? they’re a really good pickle!

  2. Laurie Basile

    Dear Elise, I have so many cookbooks, yet I tend to go to the Internet to search for recipes. Go figure! Today I found your tartar sauce recipe, and will be trying it tonight. So many recipe websites contain way too much information, and your few introductory paragraphs were just perfect! No need to include the history of the use of tartar sauce, etc. Thanks for your site; I’m bookmarking it right away!

  3. Jen

    Perfect. I’ll try some garlic next time.


  4. Carla

    No tartar sauce is complete without Worcestershire sauce and fresh or dried dill. I might try this but will definitely be tweaking it~

  5. mick bax

    Thanks for this.I am making this tonight with chopped Silverstone onions and chopped chives.
    I will be using it with oven baked chilli wedges and ribeye steak.

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