No ImageHoney Mint Glazed Grilled Chicken

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  1. Holly

    I used a citrus blend instead of vinegar and half the honey and I baked it, adding the glaze at the end. It was delicious!! Full honey would have been too much for our family.


  2. Dee

    This recipe did not work for me at all.
    I did try to make it on an indoor grill but, I did not like the flavor at all.
    It was pungent and bitter and the mint just overpowered the whole thing followed by a nauseatingly sweet honey taste.
    I followed all directions as written.
    Sorry, not a fan.

  3. razzle

    I was browsing through your website again (can’t keep away) looking for a simple recipe to make for the boys and again…wonderful results. I have so many mints (they grow like weeds!) and was looking for something other than mint tea. This recipe was so simple and taste so good! I used lemon juice instead of vinegar though and broiled the chicken. The hubby just bought me a new broiler (our old one exploded) and like any boy with a new toy wanted to test it out. I also experimented with it and made a sauce with the honey and lemon juice to make a lemon sauce/glaze for the chicken. Lemon chicken? Will totally try again! ;)


  4. Aaron Andeson

    My girlfriend and I tried this recipe out this evening and were very impressed. We unintentionally added a bit more water than it asked for (I didn’t see where it told us the measurements so we added about a cup). It was pretty runny but by the time we were done we drizzled the sauce back on our plate and the chicken was moist! Yum.

    We baked it in the oven using 4 skinless chicken breasts (completely defrosted). We took the chicken out twice during the process to add the sauce and then to rotate the chicken/add the rest of the sauce. So it DOES work just fine in the oven!


  5. Shawnee

    Hi Elise,

    I have to admit I was a little unsure about this recipe, I couldn’t imagine what this combination of flavors would be like, but I had too much mint going bad in my fridge and I thought “if it’s on here it must be good”. And I am so glad I tried it! I used the glaze over lightly fried tofu and it was amazing. I can’t believe I never knew about such a wonderful and simply flavor combination. Thanks so much!


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