No ImageHorseradish Sauce

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  1. Robert

    I thought this was very good. Tasting as I was making this, I thought it was better before adding the mayo. Doubled the recipe without the mayo and put in a little extra dijon.


  2. T.J.

    Great, easy, super tasty. Add more sour cream and mayo if you want it less spicy, more HR if you want it hotter, more or less Dijon to address the tanginess. Just a great recipe to play attend with!


  3. Jeri Coldwell

    1st time using fresh horseradish, have always used prepared Silver Springs. This will be interesting to see how different the strength and taste is on Christmas day. I love horseradish.

  4. Jan

    I made this last weekend. It was great. Making again for Christmas Eve rib roast.


  5. Dave

    Excellent, one of my favorite Horseradish sauces


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