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  1. Jenny

    I omitted the almonds and added some artichoke. This was very tasty and easy to make. Another great recipe from this site!

  2. Venus Cafe

    I was attracted to this recipe because of the horseradish and also the almonds. I can’t see why
    anyone would leave out these two ingredients which
    really make it special.

    To make it anything like crab rangoon would require the addition of celery along with the onions. I definitely like the addition of Old Bay.
    Also would try the addition of mustard also.
    Nice recipe.

  3. Tina

    This is wonderful. I, too, substituted shredded cheese (parmesan) for almonds, only because the fiancee doesn’t like nuts. It was delicious – served with sliced baguette during cocktail hour, and the four of us ate the entire thing.

  4. Barbara

    Have you, by chance, ever made this in advance (not baked) and frozen it? I love this recipe and I’m trying to prep some dishes for a party in a few weeks.

    I have not. ~Elise

  5. Michelle

    I made this dip and combined it with some bowtie pasta. Very tasty.

  6. courtpenn

    I have made a similar dip…it is SO ADDICTIVE. It is a hit at all the partys I have taken it to. I call it “crab rangoon-dip” because I go to a local chinese restraunt and purchase a bag of wanton crips for $5 to use to dip…it is delish, tastes exactly like crab rangoon. MMmm!

  7. Cheryl

    I tried this today, just swapping the almonds with shredded cheese. It was wonderful. I also sprinkled a bit of paprika over the top. Thanks for a great dreary day, kinda romantic snack. :-)

  8. Elke

    I just made this crab dip minus the horseradish. It was quite good, but I would leave out the almonds next time I make it. My husband rates it a 6 out of 10.

  9. Pam

    This is the recipe I make. It is exceptionally tasty.
    Chafing Dish Crab

    3 cans Alaska king crab
    2 T. powdered sugar
    Dash garlic salt
    2 t. prepared mustard
    3 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese
    1/2 C. mayonnaise
    1 T. onion juice
    1/2 C. sauterne wine
    Dash seasoned salt
    Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to taste

    1. Melt cream cheese in a double boiler and add all other ingredients.
    2. Pour into a chafing dish and serve warm with assorted crackers for dipping.

  10. Lisa

    My crab dip has a similar base, minus the almonds. Being from coastal VA, we use blue crab and Old Bay…. the MD/VA standard!

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