No ImageHot Cross Buns

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  1. RL

    Useless for Catholics (no dairy allowed during Lent, there’s a reason icing is not part of the original recipes).

    Also, the bit about Eoster was entirely made up in a book called The Golden Bough (pub.1890), and has thoroughly been debunked. The only thing known about her is that her name meant arisen/rising. Why? Cos that was the Germanic word for that action. Everywhere else called it ‘Passover’, not ‘Easter’. And Pagans didn’t use Christian symbols like crosses. The bread stems from Brother Thomas Rodcliffe’s Alban Bun, he created in the 1300’s (a hot cross bun, without a cross..). He created it to feed the poor on Good Friday. Please don’t perpetuate falsehoods.

  2. Dave

    Tasty, thought the picture should of product could look a little more refined as they come out great. I like a little larger making about 12


  3. Chastidy

    My Dad wanted hot cross buns but our local grocery store didn’t get any in. I decided to use this recipe to surprise him with some. They turned out great. He kept telling me how good they were.


  4. Alison

    I used a combo of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves. I would recommend leaving out the cloves and allspice because it tasted like candle although I only put a dash!


  5. Barbara

    These were a fun challenge for Easter. I gave them to six of my neighbors.. Kept 4 for us Husband loves them. Had to borrow powdered sugar as i’m not going shopping. Used my Cuisinart to knead and the proofing option in my microwave. Thanks for this British tradition.


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