No ImageHot Dogs with Pineapple Bacon Relish

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  1. ncage

    Fixed this tonight. Very excellent. Thanks for the recipe. I did make a few minor modifications:

    1. Added Guacamole (i thought it would match perfectly and it did!!!)

    2. I didn’t add the bacon directly to the salsa. I was afraid it would get soggy. So i just let people sprinkle crumbled bacon on their own hot dogs.

  2. Kate

    The hubby has a thing for grilled pineapple. Would grilled pineapple be a good substitute for the raw pineapple or would it make it too mushy?

    Grilled pineapple would be fine! ~Elise

  3. Lisa

    This would be great on a grilled pizza! I’ll be making this asap!!

  4. Syd

    I was right! It was delicious on pan sauteed cod. A true keeper recipe. Thanks Elise.

  5. Alicia

    Ok, had to try this. Verrrry interesting. I shortcutted everything from canned crushed pineapple to the Oscar Mayer bacon bits. (OMG! But I was pressed for time.), and made 1/2 recipe. I loved it. DH thought it was “ok”. Love the idea of this on fish. I think the relish would go well with chicken and/or pork.

    You were pressed for time! Glad it still worked out for you. ~Elise

  6. Cyndi

    I agree with Syd – that this would be good on fish, too – but I think I’ll leave out the pickles for this. I just got some old-fashioned hot dogs (the kind that have skin that “snaps”), and your relish will be wonderful on them!

  7. Gisela

    Sounds really good. Will make it tomorrow but ad some corn and serve it with steak.

  8. Syd

    I saw this post early this morning, so I picked up fresh pineapple when I did my shop and made it for lunch. YUM! My husband looked at me funny, but went back for seconds. I’m thinking I might try it with some grilled fish tonight.

  9. Michelle MacPhearson

    Love the sweet and sour taste combination.