No ImageHow to Bake a Potato

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  1. Mark Keating

    Hello everyone,
    Because of this pandemic American potato farmers are in a crisis , restaurants closed , shipping to Europe, America closed . Where I live Alberta Canada , Beef and Potato farmers are also in crisis . Even if we all start eating French fries daily it is not going to be enough.
    Restaurants are the arteries of our cities ,if they don’t survive we all lose so support our farmers that’s where it all starts.
    Stay Safe Everyone
    Mark /Canada


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  2. June

    Best baked potato ever! I served these at a small dinner party. There were a few self proclaimed baked potato connoisseurs in the group and THEY were asking ME how I made them…..and I am just an average cook! Score for me! Thanks for making me look good!


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  3. Betty

    Good post, the only way to go with spuds, baby!

  4. Celia

    Who would have thought there is a right and a wrong way to bake the humble potato.
    Thanks, Sara.

  5. Susan

    Leftover baked potatoes make the best fried potatoes. I also use them to make potato salad. yum

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