No ImageHow to Boil and Eat Lobster

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  1. [email protected]

    Omg, Bands gotta come off! Besides taste, no one wants their food poached with bpa’s non-food grade materials.

    NL is with NS on this one!

    Honestly just use a knife to slice them off before cooking . Grab them by the body and they can’t pinch you. Even being pinched as a kid wasn’t brutal… and that was playing with one. Yeah totally grew up where lobster was the discards of a catch

    Seriously not risky. Do it last min and keep your hand gripped where they can’t reach!

  2. Elizabeth

    Please , please take the bands off the lobsters before you steam them , you will destroy the taste of your lobsters if you don’t , that’s how we do it here in Nova Scotia!

  3. Rick Widgery

    Jeff; Beg to differ, 20 minutes is NOT too long to boil a lobster! At least not a hard shell 2.5 pounder. Yes, maybe the claw tips will be a bit rubbery, but the tomale won’t be black. Same as turkey; target the breast for cooking times and don’t worry too much about the rest. And; NO rubber bands! I’ve cooked well over 1000 lbs of lobster over the years and still find it amazing that supposedly “experienced” lobster cookers often way under cook lobster. 12 minutes is plenty for ~ 1 pound lobsters. Also, very importantly, if not immersed in cold water right after cooking, lobsters will continue to cook for as much as several more minutes, depending on size.

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  4. Scott

    I agree with most of what is said but suggest cutting the bands before cooking. I find the delicate taste can be tainted by the boiled rubber.
    Boiling or steaming is to ones own taste, I love that salty water that runs out of the claws when you break them off, mmmmnnnn….
    Oh, one more thing, the shells and waste are excellent for the garden, bury about 18 inches deep to keep cats and skunks from digging them up.
    Gonna get some ‘crawlies’ tonight!!

  5. tien

    I steam my 7 lbs lobster with sea water/lemond grass (asian grocery market)
    slice the back open and squeeze lemond into it.
    ofcourse dip in melted butter with few drop of tobasco source

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