No ImageHow to Boil and Eat Lobster

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  1. Charlie

    Elegant simplicity is a boiled Maine lobster.


  2. Ray Valk

    Great recipe! I do disagree about sashimi tho raw lobster can be amazing if fresh caught.

  3. Frank

    Excellent post on cooking lobsters! Very difficult to critique it! I would only add the following: To remove the rubber bands which us purest feel is essential, pick up the lobster, and with your hand, cross the front claws, then grab the lobster with crossed claws with one hand, and snip off the rubber bands with a pair of scissors. Then into the pot. Easy peasy! There is some excellent meat in the body between the ribs on larger lobsters, worth going after if you are a purist, or shucking the lobster for meat. The Tamale, ie the liver as you mention, looks like, well awful, but it is delicious and the only liver I eat. The “Coral” or roe is a delicacy also. Great article. Posted from Nova Scotia, where half of our catch is shipped to our friends in Maine!! Cheers!


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  4. Kathy

    Great instruction


  5. Steve, Massachusetts

    Excelently taught, thank you very much because I needed all of it, every single word.


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