No ImageHow to Make Brown Butter

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  1. Joe more

    I accidentally made brown butter this morning while making syrup for french toast. Rather than throwing it out, I added it to the french toast batter.



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  2. Dennis

    made it by mistake, also and used it to saute shrimp with, maybe redundant but turned out great.


  3. Lorelei

    I made brown butter by accident while making rice krispie treats one time because i wasn’t paying attention to the butter. I thought i ruined the butter but was too lazy to start over and just used it brown and it was the best “mistake” I ever made! Everybody raves about my rice krispie treats because they have this depth of flavor and they honestly do taste better than most. I totally concur with the magic of browning butter!

  4. John

    I put this on baked haddock (cod or any mild, white fish). Makes a world of difference and adds a ton of flavor to a fairly bland baked fish. Highly recommend it.


  5. Mary

    This recipe worked wonderfully!


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