No ImageHow to Make Brown Butter

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  1. Mary

    This recipe worked wonderfully!


  2. [email protected]

    I did it! It was so easy and delicious. Thank you for the tips. Used it to top some organic butternut squash with mushroom and toasted pistachios. Yum. My house smells divine too.


  3. Deena Spradlin

    Love your recipe! I add a little brown sugar, toasted pecans, nutmeg, and cinnamon and pour it over butternut squash


  4. Jennifer

    I used this twice, the first time was great!!! My kids loved it! Even my picky eater! But the second time it was just bland. I used the same butter but I used more, about 2 1/2 sticks. I was making a big pot. I followed the recipe. It was the same color, no black pieces. Anyone know what I did wrong this time? Too much at one time maybe??

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Jennifer! Emma here, managing editor. My best guess is that you didn’t cook the butter long enough. If you double the amount of butter, the cooking time will also be roughly doubled. You can always tell when browned butter is ready when you start seeing those brown flecks and the butter starts smelling really nutty!

  5. lauren

    That brown butter certainly does look wonderful. Hopefully I’ll try to make it one of these days. You’ve really out done yourself once again, Elise!

  6. Marisa

    Yum! I like to do this and then toss a ham steak in to cook in the brown butter. Gives some nice flavor to the ham!

  7. Kelly K

    I could never get this quite right. This worked GREAT! Thanks!


  8. Anne

    I need help! I tried to brown 1 cup of grass fed butter for over 10 minutes in a pot and it never browned! What did I do wrong? Do I have to use a pan?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Anne, that is so strange! Did you use a light colored pot so you could see the browning take place? You might want to use a wider, shallow pan.

  9. Kathy

    What kind of butter do you buy for browing. Any name brands?

    New to this. I want to make spaghetti factorys broccoli dish.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Kathy, I usually use Clover or Land o’Lakes brand butter, but you should be able to make brown butter with any true butter.

  10. Orlena

    Brown butter with a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts over butternut squash ravioli. Delicious and perfect for autumn!

  11. Patricia Baranek

    I have a cornbread recipe that has sour cream & brown butter in it. Everyone loves it & they always ask me what the ingredients are. When I tell them it’s the brown butter that makes it so good they say “what is brown butter” they think the butter comes brown from the store.

  12. Rita

    I use it to make persimmon pudding for Thanksgiving!

  13. Akintolayo Ibikunle

    I will like to use it for baking cake. What effect do you think it will have? Expecting your reply. Thanks.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Akintolayo, most cake recipes I know of call for solid butter that you whip up to get some air into, with sugar. It’s probably not a good idea to sub melted butter of any kind, browned or not, with a recipe that calls for solid butter. But if you find a recipe that calls for melted butter, browning the butter first will only give it a more wonderful flavor.

      • Lena

        Couldn’t you just let the browned butter re-solidify by putting it in the fridge in a dish once it has been browned?

        • Elise Bauer

          Yes, you are right. You could easily do that. That said, melting the butter changes it, even if you chill it again. It won’t necessarily work the same way in a baking recipe that calls for solid butter. But it’s worth a try if you want the browned butter flavor!

  14. Christine

    I tried to brown butter using baking butter and it didn’t go golden brown melted into a yellowy liquid,no foam or browning.
    Did l use the wrong butter?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Christine, sounds like you may have used something that wasn’t butter, or it was butter that was already clarified like ghee.

  15. Stacy Peterson

    Chocolate Chip Cookies!! Frosting of course. :)

  16. Sheila

    I use brown butter on egg noodles with some cottage cheese mixed in. Sounds odd and a lot of people don’t like cottage cheese but they love the combination once they try it.

  17. Jennifer Mahoney

    I do a browned butter pasta with mizithra cheese. So easy and so delicious!

    • Holly

      That is fabulous! But I have difficulty finding mizithra. Where do you find it?

      • Deanna

        I first found mizithra cheese at New Seasons. Have since found it at Safeway (Vons) in the deli section with other specialty cheeses. Try this area at any local grocery store.

  18. Joy Hall

    James! I actually saved your comment with this URL to a file on my computer. I enjoyed your account of family history. I have several similar stories about traditions long gone. You should learn how to make Polish pierogi yourself and make a new tradition to pass down to future generations in your family. You have all the right ingredients already, which is the tale of generations past to give as a gift to the future family!

  19. Gene Fields

    A little variation on the earlier spaghetti recipe. Make the browned butter and add some finely chopped garlic. Pour over the spaghetti and top with grated Mizrithra cheese. To die for!

  20. Teresa

    Freely drizzle the browned butter over Portobello mushroom ravioli sprinkled with fresh thyme. Very savory and luxe when you want something different than the usual red or white pasta sauces. Serve with a side of al dente baby asparagus for an impressive but easy dinner for company.

  21. susie

    i have used brown butter to make brown butter cream cheese icing and homemade brown butter ice cream. yum!!

  22. HunterJE

    Browned butter is brilliant in baked goods — I make a browned-butter blondie (a bar cookie similar to a brownie, but without chocolate and flavored with brown sugar and molasses) with raisins that’s always a hit.

  23. Tami

    I used the brown butter for this recipe:
    The icing was so yummy I could’ve eaten that by itself. Okay, maybe I did eat a little of it by itself! I was afraid I’d mess this up and have to do it several times before I got it right, but the tutorial was so easy to follow I was successful the first time!

  24. Dee

    Question – Do you strain the butter after browning?

    No, you don’t need to strain the butter. ~Elise

  25. Angie

    I love a tart (or pie) made with sliced pears surrounded by a custard made of 1 c browned butter, 3 eggs, 1 c sugar and 6 TB flour. Simple yet amazing.

    Our brussel sprouts are always lightly steamed then tossed in a large frying pan in which pecans have been toasted in browned butter with a splash of balsamic vinegar and salt.

    Thanks for the wonderful carrot cake recipe!

  26. Darby "The Dessert Diva"

    I brown butter for EVERYTHING, specially my Molasses cookies and popcorn! It give popcorn that special kettle corn flavor when you don’t have the real kettle corn experience.

  27. Maranda

    I use browned butter to make chicken and pork. I throw some garlic and a sprig of rosemary into the pan and just let it cook all the way through. The browned butter with the garlic and rosemary is a fantastic flavor.

  28. Diane Aragon

    I use browned butter over cooked periogi and it is delicious. My grandmother made this after making her periogi with Potatoes and butter and onions inside the periogi douogh. After the periogi are boiled, pour browned butter over them. Delicious!!

  29. Harsha

    Indian Ghee!

    Awesome recipe. I actually get unsalted butter from Costco(read super cheap) and do this at home.

    Must for Indian food and great for cooking Biryani.

  30. Wilson

    Wow! You are actually teaching people how to make clarified butter from scratch. And this clarified butter with slightly burn milk solids is really something amazing.

    After removing the burn milk solids at the bottom it can be used as normal cooking oil. But for cooking, I love to have the milky and buttery taste so I’ll still use whole butter for cooking.

    For sauces, brown butter is excellent way of adding depth into the sauce. Brown butter is excellent in brown roux to make brown sauces! and also shorten the time of making good brown roux too :)

  31. Mrs.TeaPie

    I just browned 2 sticks (half pound) of butter and had sooo much foam I couldn’t tell when it was browned and I think its almost black now that its off the heat. How can I keep the foam from obliterating the view?

    Use a wide pan when you are browning that much butter. ~Elise

    • Matthew

      Skim the foam from the top, those are the impurities you don’t want!
      The size of the pan doesn’t actually matter!!

  32. kimE

    Wilted Spinach

    Make brown butter, add a big glub of honey and a dose of red wine vinegar. Toss in fresh spinach, salt and pepper. Delicious!

  33. Kim

    Browned butter is a staple in Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. I learned how to make it at a very early age. It was fun to read your blog and be instantly transported back to my roots!

    • Grace

      Serve over mashed potatoes!

  34. Laura

    Thanks! Nothing better than butternut squash ravioli with browned butter and sage!

  35. Mary

    Your post on brown butter reminds me of an old Greek/Macedonian recipe for Buttered Pasta….
    Cook spaghetti pasta as usual for 8 to 9 min and drain. Brown 3 to 4 TB butter in a large saucepan…when the butter browns…and this is the secret to the flavor….the butter must brown and not burn)…..add a few tsps of finely chopped onion or scallions and saute.
    Add the drained pasta and toss. Then add some grated kasseri cheese and some grated parmasean cheese and toss to coat.
    Thanks for the memories.

  36. Olivia

    I love brown butter. It goes so well with basic veggies and potatoes. Learned how to do it about 2 years ago and the family loves it too.
    I like taking just a plain piece of baked chicken and slopping it with BB. or also chicken and noodles (homeade of course) and beef and noodles or potatoes. it goes well with plain rice. does not do too well with broccoli I have found.


  37. Elizabeth

    Browned butter is wonderful on lightly steamed broccoli with a little added lemon juice after the butter is browned.

    You can use salted butter to make browned butter, however, it is very difficult to do, and only with the most careful watching can you avoid a disaster. Using sweet butter, without salt, is much easier, and, I think, with a more satisfactory flavor. You can always use salt when the dish is just ready to serve. I very lightly, steam the broccoli and cover it only loosely, after it is removed from the steam to keep it warm. Next, brown the sweet butter until it is a medium brown color, remove it from the heat, quickly add the lemon juice, and place the butter and lemon juice combination on the broccoli very rapidly, swirling it in the pan and scraping out as you do so. Then add the salt and pepper and serve immediately.

    Really heavenly, it’s my favorite way to prepare broccoli and has been so for more than 65 years.

  38. Monica

    Awesome, Nigella Lawson has an amazing cupcake recipe based on burnt butter (what she calls it), it is amazingly good! Google it if you’re interested :D thanks for the recipes, I’m a fresher student in London atm but still enjoy reading about things such as browned butter and goats cheese even if I can’t make them myself…

  39. Cynthia

    My grandmother owned a restaurant in Girard, OH in which she served the recipe below to suit coal miner appetites.

    Pork with Saurkraut and Niflies
    Today I cook the pork and saurkraut in a crock pot all day adding chicken soup base and fresh cut rosemary to taste. What makes this dish special are the Niflies!

    Niflies are dumplings cooked in the leftover crock pot broth and then covered with browned butter. Has to be tried to be believed.

    1 egg
    1 c water
    pinch of salt
    flour added until sticky and ready to drop from spoon

    Mix the egg, water and salt. Slowly stir in flour until mixture is quite sticky but drops easily from spoon.

    Bring left over juice from pork and saurkraut to boil and drop dumplings into mixture from a dinner spoon in batches. When all dumplings are cooked, pour browned butter (1/2 to 3/4 stick) over dumplings. Serve as side to pork and saurkraut.

    Love all things sauerkraut and the dumplings with brown butter sound fabulous! ~Elise

    • Carol

      I am also of German descent & my family has been making those forever..Difference being we just used water (not broth) and called them “Drop Noodles”..They are to die for..YUMMO

    • Crow T Cookbot

      I now have a list of things to buy on my next shopping trip. That sounds really tasty.

  40. Cathy

    yum! There is nothing like browned butter glaze for cut out sugar cookies . . .

  41. Seth @ Boy Meets Food

    Nice tutorial. I’ll second what you said about how easy it is to overcook!

    If you do happen to catch it before it gets too bad, it may still be salvageable though… Depending on how bad it is, you might be able to run it through a cheesecloth and remove the burnt solids. The liquid may still be usable, if it still has that light, nutty aroma.

  42. Alanna

    Great tutorial, Elise. I might add that it really helps to brown butter in a light-colored pan (so leave the cast iron and dark-colored non-stick aside) so that you can more easily watch the color change.

    Great point, thanks! ~Elise

  43. Sri

    This is a constant at our place and we use it for so many different dishes. We always have brown butter in hand. It goes along very well with Indian sweet dishes, added instead of plain butter.

    We use it for buttering chapatis (Indian) and adding sugar and our daughter loves it; or added to pulao’s or biryani’s to enhance their flavors; also to garnish dals with cumin and other spices.

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