No ImageHow to Chop an Onion

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  1. Prafull

    Very nice step by step methods I like this


  2. Del Libby

    I love the smell of onions and a little bacon sauting, the cutting video was great.

  3. Jamie

    Why doesn’t anyone wash the onion. Effort chopping? The onions are handled by many people on way to grocery store and in store. Those germs can be transferred from the skin to the onion.
    I have never seen anyone wash an onion.

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  4. Jenni

    I keep mine in the fridge. Never a tear to be shed.

  5. Roma

    I have always cut an onion this way. I watch so many cooking shows that I don’t know where I picked up the info but I watched your video and read your information. It was gr8 as a refresher to make sure I was doing it right and if not what I needed to correct. Gr8 information. Thanks for sharing.

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