No ImageHow to Cook Dried Beans

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  1. Karen

    I use Peruviano beans. I do not presoak. If the water starts to run low I add a cup of BOILING water to the beans until they are cooked through. My DIL is from Iguala Mexico where this particular bean is king over pints.
    I add Knorr Caldo Pollo (chicken base) powder, granulated or fresh garlic, powdered ground cumin, celery salt, granulated or fresh onion, taste the liquid and if needed add salt. Your beans nay not need any added salt. You can add chili if you like heat, but in Southern Mexico they don’t. I like to cook my beans well because I like them creamy. My DIL likes the beans more solid. It’s really a matter of what you like.
    Honestly I HATED beans until I started making them for my husband and I. I know keep dry beans in my earthquake supply and pandemic supply foods that store well. One never knows what our future holds.

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  2. Kellan

    I’ve been cooking with dried beans for a hundred years. Well, maybe not a hundred years, but a whole lot of years. I have always used the methods you mention above with great success, preferring one over the other depending on what I want to do with the beans. I have bought my dried beans in bulk from my green grocer (I live in Italy and shop in small stores) for many years. Lately, no matter which method I use and no matter the cooking time, the beans have resulted in the skins peeling off and half of the beans mushy and over cooked and the other half not quite done. What do you think is happening?!? Thanks for any input…

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  3. Ellen

    I love beans on toast as do my kids, is it ok to use this recipe, thank you

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  4. Kitty

    Wow! This is a great article! Thanks, Summer!

  5. Kurt Rolfes

    In Sri Lanka I cook beans on a regular basis. The most commonly available are chic peas (garbanzo), black eyed peas and kidney beans. No Mexican or black beans out here! Beans lately have come in mixed packets which also contain dried peas and corn kernels. Problem is that the kidney beans are never fully cooked as they take much longer than the other legumes. I make my equivalent of Boston baked beans by draining and then recooking with BBQ sauce, sweet chili sauce , onions, garlic, bacon, ham etc. Love your article on beans and keep up the good work! Kurt Rolfes a retired American in Sri Lanka.

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