No ImageHow to Dry Sauté Mushrooms

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  1. Erica Manfre

    This is SOOO cool! I’ve never even thought about trying this! You better believe I’ll be trying tonight!

  2. Ann Brown

    One of my fav veggies, wild or domestic, got some Hen of the Woods mushrooms this fall wonderful. Grandma showed me how to saute without fat,so glad she did. Nothing like learning to cook from a farmer’s wife

  3. Michael

    This is exactly how we cook mushrooms. Here in Oregon we pick lots of wild mushrooms, and the best way to concentrate the flavor, and reduce the volume, is to dry saute them. Thanks!

  4. Rose

    Good tip. Fried mushrooms for any purpose are often too greasy. Thanks Elise – and a belated happy new year!

  5. Sandy S

    Brilliant! Will definitely be adding this to my culinary skills. Really appreciate that there are times when one want the mushroom flavor/fragrance without it being masked by the butter.

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