No ImageHow to Cut a Pineapple

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  1. [email protected]

    Thank you, this was so helpful! I would have never thought of removing the eyes this way!


  2. Yvonne

    Love fresh pineapple but always struggled with the prep, not anymore. Thanks :) :)


  3. Margaret Fanney

    Thank you so much! This is a great family story. And now I no longer have to struggle while trying to remove the brown spots.


  4. Susie Q

    I buy a nearly golden one that smells good and leave for a couple of days, upside down if I can. They do seem to sweeten a bit, turning more golden, and not so itchy when perfectly ripe. 10 for 10? Production line and chop chunks into freezer bags for smoothies or fruit salad. I hear you can grow another pineapple from the top part!

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  5. Sophie

    I’m Cambodian and this is how my mom has taught me how to cut a pineapple. Sure, it takes a while to get it done but you waste hardly anything. My daughter is currently 4 months old. You bet I’ll teach her how to do this one day when we start cooking together.


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