No ImageHow to Cut and Peel an Avocado

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  1. Sophia

    Very easy way to cut up an avocado.

  2. Sara

    I’m a long-time lurker & need to suggest another method. Being a native Californian, I grew up with the method pictured here. I then learnt another method which I now greatly prefer. The difference is in how to approach removing the flesh. It’s to squeeze from the top of the avocado half to the bottom, removing the flesh by applying finger pressure on the shell. The goal is to flatten the once oblong shell into a empty natural case.

  3. Lisa

    Such a great method and every piece turns out perfectly for salads or garnish!


  4. Mai Aquino

    Maybe we can use a glass to scoop out the avocado the same way we do to ripe mangoes.

  5. Helena

    I have always used the method of cutting the avocado into quarters and then peeling it. It has the added advantage that it leaves most of the brown spots in the peel. I also have a trick for keeping leftover guacamole: put into an airtight container and top with a layer of sour cream or mayo and then put the lid on the container. When you are ready to eat the guacamole, just stir the sour cream/mayo into the mix. It works better than any other method I have used including adding lemon/lime juice or including the pit although I suppose you could do those as well. Happy avocado eating!

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