No ImageHow to Cut and Peel an Avocado

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  1. Sophia

    Very easy way to cut up an avocado.

  2. Sara

    I’m a long-time lurker & need to suggest another method. Being a native Californian, I grew up with the method pictured here. I then learnt another method which I now greatly prefer. The difference is in how to approach removing the flesh. It’s to squeeze from the top of the avocado half to the bottom, removing the flesh by applying finger pressure on the shell. The goal is to flatten the once oblong shell into a empty natural case.

  3. Lisa

    Such a great method and every piece turns out perfectly for salads or garnish!


  4. Mai Aquino

    Maybe we can use a glass to scoop out the avocado the same way we do to ripe mangoes.

  5. Helena

    I have always used the method of cutting the avocado into quarters and then peeling it. It has the added advantage that it leaves most of the brown spots in the peel. I also have a trick for keeping leftover guacamole: put into an airtight container and top with a layer of sour cream or mayo and then put the lid on the container. When you are ready to eat the guacamole, just stir the sour cream/mayo into the mix. It works better than any other method I have used including adding lemon/lime juice or including the pit although I suppose you could do those as well. Happy avocado eating!

  6. Nikki

    If you’re out of plastic wrap and lemon juice, you can also spray the cut side of the avocado with cooking spray. That will keep it sealed and prevent it from browning.

    This is a great tip as some who have never seen an avocado could run across it and create beautiful slices instead of mush. I do mine like this too & have never cut myself removing the pit. Coordinated? No. Clumsy? Yes. Lucky? Oh yeah.

  7. Miki

    Never cut an avocado before, this was fantastic! Simplistic, quick, easy to follow directions! You rock! :D Thx

  8. Alex

    I find the easiest, quickest way to peel an avocado half is with a rubber or silicone spatula (the kind that you would use for scraping batter out of a bowl, also called a ‘rubber scraper’).

    It won’t cut through the flesh the same way that a spoon will, so you can usually get the whole half out in one motion without leaving the flesh that’s close to the skin.

  9. Erica

    This is good advice you all have. I cut mine in half, SET IT DOWN, tap the knife into the pit (you don’t want to cut it in half), slight twisting motion to release the pit while holding it,then glide your thumb in the side and separate the peel rather than peel it.If I have left over (like a half) rub a little lemon to help keep it from browning, it works best not all chopped up.Happy eating…

  10. Michael

    What is the best way to soften a cut avocado? I cut one open, but it is too hard to scoop out & mash for guacamole.

    Hello Michael, That is a great question. You can wrap it in plastic wrap, trying to cover all exposed areas, so that oxygen doesn’t get to the green parts, and put it in the refrigerator for a few days. But, that doesn’t work very well. We’ve been eating avocados for decades, and even growing them at one point, and I can tell you that once you’ve cut into one, you’re sort of out of luck. Maybe try wrapping them in plastic and putting them in a bag with some bananas? Haven’t tried that, but the ethylene output by the bananas may help accelerate the ripening of the avocado. Then again, it might not. If you try it, let us know how it goes, will you? ~Elise

  11. Leta Kreminski

    the easiest way to get it ready for dip is to roll the whole ripe avacado around on the cutting surface or countertop. It is mashed at this point. Cut just through the skin all the way around the seed as the first picture shows. then spoon out the mashed avacado. I add a spoonfull of picante, a spoonfull of sour cream, chopped tomato and finely chopped onion. Yum.

  12. abruzzo

    I’ve been called a “guac snob” because I believe using a spoon to retrieve the flesh of an avocado is a no-no. I agree with shamu who says to slice into quarters, then peel.

    When you scoop, no how matter how carefully, you either lose some of the flesh closest to the skin (the greenest part) or you scrape some of the underside of the skin, or both. This affects the taste, texture and color of the guacamole.

    Like Bond says about a martini “shaken and not stirred”, an avocado should be peeled and not scooped!

    If you can manage to peel an avocado without it becoming a slippery mess, then more power to you. For me, I’ll stick with the scooping method. ~Elise

  13. Jasmin

    I’ve also been using a sharp knife to remove the seed too (happy I got that right). Recently I learnt an excellent way of peeling the skin. A small drinking glass inserted from the bottom of half an avo, sliding up to the top. This will remove most of the avocado meat, cleanly, quickly and ready to slice however you want. (You can also get the dregs out with a spoon and eat as you go… mmmmm)

  14. dadadagon

    I think the way shown here is easiest. although you do have to be careful at the knife part,its very easy.

    i have never had a avocado accident! I guess from looking at other comments, i’m lucky.

    By the way,does anyone have tips on keeping the avocado from browning?

    Browning comes from oxidation, or exposure to air. the best way to keep the avocados from browning once cut open is to wrap them in plastic wrap. If you make guacamole, cover it with plastic wrap so that none of the guac is exposed to air. Squeezing a little lemon juice over a just cut avocado will help as well. ~Elise

  15. Deb

    The easist way is to cut as shown above, remove pit and PEEL the skin away with your fingers. you will get a perfect 1/2 avacodo to use for slicing very nice for display prior to eating (besides making guac out of it) and works nice for thin slices on sandwiches or garnish. YUM!

  16. greg

    I just use the spoon to scoop it out, i’ts not that hard.I use 2 ava.1/2 cup good salsa,1 jalapeno finly choped,2 teaspoons lemon juice.salt to friends just love it.even ones that didn’t even like it to begin with.

  17. Shannon

    I slice the avocado in half, then just use the tip of the knife to gently wedge the pit out. Stick it in the bottom of the pit and push upwards and outwards… it will come out, and no danger of slashing one’s hand open :)

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