No ImageHow to Freeze Soup, Beans, and Broth

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  1. Bruce

    We need to use less single use plastics, not more.

    It seems to me this is the wrong direction.

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  2. diana

    another easy way to fill zip locks,I use this method when making deviled eggs, Roll top down one turn of zip lock and then fill, any dribbles are now on inside top of bag, then you also dont overfill! then flip zipper potion back up and squeeze out air and zip!

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  3. lesa

    can cooked hamburger , pasta , tomato, type of soup be frozen?

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  4. Sasha @ Just Coffee Maker

    Great tips! I freeze soups a lot, as well as beans and grains separately so I can stir them into soups later. I have noticed that the bean soups break down some after frozen, but I don’t mind since I like them creamy.

  5. Nancy

    Great article! Another way to avoid a mess is to cool your soups in quart jars, then when it comes time to fill the Ziploc, you can just put the opening to the bag over the top of your jar, turn the jar over, and no mess as the soup drains into the bag.

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