No ImageHow to Freeze Leftover Whipped Cream

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  1. Joan

    Can you stabilize the whipped cream before freezing it to maintain
    some structure? I stabilize whipped cream for pies!

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  2. Carol

    My mom used to do that…and it was over fifty years ago!

  3. Nicole

    We have a kids party coming up – these individual portions are a great idea, thanks.

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  4. Edward Berkey

    I feel Smarter now, thanks

  5. D. Smith

    Great idea! I’ve frozen it in ziplock plastic containers before but never thought about making individual portions. Gotta try that next time I have extra!

    Also, WHAT kind of cake is that in the photo along with this article? Wow. I’d love to have you post the recipe for that little beauty. (You’d have to identify it as being the cake from this article, however). (8> Christmas is coming, you know, and I need some fresh new cake-y ideas cuz my family would rather have cake than pie this time of year.

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