How to Freeze Leftover Whipped Cream

Any whipped cream can be frozen - sweetened or unsweetened, plain or with other ingredients mixed in. Whipped cream that has been stabilized with some cornstarch or cream cheese tends to keep its shape a little better when thawed.

Be sure to transfer the frozen whipped cream to a freezer container within a day or two; it can quickly start to pick up off-flavors in the open air of the freezer.


  • Leftover whipped cream


1 Line a baking sheet with parchment (or a Silpat) and spoon the whipped cream on top in small mounds. If you're feeling fancy, you can pipe the whipped cream in pretty twists using a piping bag. Aim for single-serving portions.

Freeze Leftover Whipped Cream

2 Freeze overnight, until the whipped cream is frozen solid.

3 Peel the whipped cream off the parchment and store. Transfer the frozen whipped cream mounds to a freezer bag or other freezer container. Don't worry if the edges crumble a little as you handle the mounds; this is normal. The whipped cream is best used within a month, but will keep for up to three months. (You may notice that it picks up off-flavors from the freezer over time.)

Freeze Leftover Whipped Cream

4 To use the whipped cream: The frozen whipped cream can be placed directly on top of hot cocoa or coffee and served. You can also place the mounds on top of a dessert: place on top of the dessert and allow to thaw at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serve.

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  • Rebecca

    Mine just go flat when I freeze them am I doing something wrong ?

    • Summer Miller

      Hi, Rebecca! Do they go flat when you try to pipe them or spoon them onto a sheet before freezing? If that’s the case then you might want to whip the cream to stiffer peaks. If it’s when it thaws, they do lose some of their structure once they thaw completely. It’s good enough for a casual family dinner, but if you wanted to do it for a celebration where looks matter, I would still make a fresh batch. I hope that helps.

  • Joan

    Can you stabilize the whipped cream before freezing it to maintain
    some structure? I stabilize whipped cream for pies!

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Joan! Yes, I think that would work just fine! I think the whipped cream will freeze just fine no matter what stabilizer you use. Let us know how it works out!

    • Alice

      what do you do to stabilize your whipped cream plz ?

  • Carol

    My mom used to do that…and it was over fifty years ago!

  • Nicole

    We have a kids party coming up – these individual portions are a great idea, thanks.

    • Emma Christensen

      By the way, this is also a good tip for freezing individual portions of ice cream for parties. I imagine that might come in handy with a roomful of wiggly, excited kids!

  • Edward Berkey

    I feel Smarter now, thanks

  • D. Smith

    Great idea! I’ve frozen it in ziplock plastic containers before but never thought about making individual portions. Gotta try that next time I have extra!

    Also, WHAT kind of cake is that in the photo along with this article? Wow. I’d love to have you post the recipe for that little beauty. (You’d have to identify it as being the cake from this article, however). (8> Christmas is coming, you know, and I need some fresh new cake-y ideas cuz my family would rather have cake than pie this time of year.

    • Emma Christensen

      D Smith – Ha! Confession time: It’s a leftover slice of black-and-white cheesecake from Whole Foods. ;-) Chocolate cheesecake on top and vanilla cheesecake on bottom. I’ll get to work on a homemade version!

  • Sheila B

    Who ever has leftover whipped cream!!!! We eat it with a spoon if there’s any left!

  • Sondra

    Would you believe that this is a tip I learned in my middle school home economics class over 50 years ago? Probably the only tip that I still follow because it really works!

  • Mary

    This is great tip! I have to pin it :) Happy Holidays

  • Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today

    great tip, thank you!

  • Liz

    WOW – never gave this a thought. I make whipped cream with a co2 whipper and am going to see how that freezes as a cooling bit in hot chocolate or a mocha would be grand.

    And so happy to see you here, Emma C.!

  • Vivian | stayaliveandcooking

    Ohhh that is so smart! I’m all about zero waste, and hot chocolate just tastes sooo much better with some whipped cream! :)