No ImageHow to French a Rack of Lamb

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  1. Judith

    Great images and instructions.
    Thank you.

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  2. C. W. Whorton

    Looks good but I have question. Is there a reason to individually wrap each bone with wax paper if you are vacuum packing the ribs or can you just cut a long piece of wax paper and cover all the bones with one piece

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  3. Julie

    Interesting, but why must we waste such a nice part of the rib? I feel like i have to do it because everyone does, but i dont want to!

  4. suryati

    This tutorial is very helpful for me as a teacher for basic butchery course.


  5. Brandon Russell

    An easier way to do that is to make a parallel cut on the flat, inside surface (concave side) down the length of the ribs. Use your knife to lift away the encapsulating layer that surrounds the bone. Use your hands to literally peel the meat off the bone. Cut at the bottom like in step 1. This way, the bone always comes clean and you don’t dull your knife scraping the ribs. Good luck!

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