No ImageHow to Fry an Egg

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  1. Anastasia

    Thank you my eggs came out perfect.
    Greetings from Athens Greece.


  2. Nasar

    Sometimes, I do not have much time to make my own breakfast. So, the fried egg is the best sidedish to accompany my breakfast routine.

  3. Ed

    Pan-flipping is so much better than spatula.

  4. Sandy S

    Must admit that the pictures made me hungry for bacon and eggs even though I rarely eat bacon any more! I do my eggs a little differently. I like the yoke soft enough to dunk any toast in, but I don’t like the yoke starring up at me. So, I do just as you do but before putting the lid on, I add a small splash of water to the pan. This will produce a thin layer of cooked white over the yoke while leaving the yolk soft. It’s a prettier finish than an easy-over-egg. It also makes it quite easy to clean the fry pan. For those who like to add the flavor of herbs, they also can be added before the water and lid either with a sprinkle directly on the eggs or a sprig or two in the water. Two of my favorites are lemon thyme and marjoram .

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  5. Julie

    I spoon the melted butter over the whites and don’t use a lid.

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