No ImageHow to Fry an Egg

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  1. Barb

    Nope, I like the outer whites a bit crispy and browned, but the yolk still runny.


  2. Wayne

    How to keep the white from spreading?

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  3. David

    Here is something I recently learned. If you press the spatula against the surface of the skillet allowing it to heat up a moment it will not stick to the egg when sliding it underneath to flip. So how about that? Cool huh?

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  4. June

    Good info. I like a soft yolk, but cooked white and a film on top. My method mirrors yours, but I add a bit of water to pan, than cover. Develops a thin coat on yolk but yolk stays soft.

  5. Gary

    You won’t get a thin white layer on the longer cooked yolk if you omit the lid. The lid traps the heat, thus cooking that egg white coating on the yolk.
    And thanks for not promoting the burnt plastic bag edges style of fried eggs. I think all eggs, no matter how they’re cooked, should be soft .

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