No ImageHow to Grill Pizza

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  1. eileen

    a little trouble getting pizza from counter onto the grill. wanted to stick to surface. anyone else have this problem? it tasted great, but just very hard to get onto grill without ripping or sticking

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  2. Kayla

    This is an awesome an easy recipe! Thank you for sharing!
    Quick question, after I put the toppings on and put it back on the grill, I leave it for a few minutes and giant bubble appears pushing all the toppings on the sides. What am I doing wrong? I have a gas grill by the way. I’m thinking maybe I’m not lowering the heat enough?
    Thank you!


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  3. Carrie

    Used the dough recipe from the provided link. This was a fun way to cook pizza with my little nephew. We did have to finish it under a broiler to get the cheese to melt and the pepperoni to sizzle since the bottom started to burn. Will work on our timing but even if it means broiling to finish it, I’m completely okay with that because it was fantastic pizza :)


  4. Maria

    why do you flip the dough? seriously please explain, i see it on many videos, but i don’t get it. No one in Italy does it

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  5. Vernon

    I use raw hamburger and Italian sausage when cooking in the oven – the juices add flavor. Will a grilled pizza burn before the raw stuff is cooked safely?

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