No ImageHow to Make a Gingerbread House

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  1. Alexis

    Roughly, How many houses can I make with this recipe?

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  2. thefairypenguinos

    been using this recipe for almost 10 years now to make cookies. It’s just the best. Especially when they are cooked thin. This year I’ll make the house. I did it before long ago, and it turned out excellent. But now I do it again with some meringue powder as the icing glue and have fun! Thank from the bottom of my heart for this awesome ggbread recipe.
    The Fairy Penguinos want to extend their warmest greetings.


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  3. Kate

    Everything worked amazing! Only gingerbread recipe I’ve used that was stiff enough to survive construction without casualties but soft enough to be delicious at the same time.
    The frosting worked amazing also, had to add about 1/2 cup more powdered sugar and it made enough for at least two houses. I’d cut in half next time if I’m only making one house. *I also microwaved it for 30 seconds.
    Frosting also set up in about half hour for me which was good since I was building with a toddler that we could do everything in one evening.


  4. Emi

    Hey! I made this today. Unfortunately, all of my pieces broke. So, instead of making a lion king cinnamon bread house, I made a lion king teepee, and an ed rock out of cookie dough. Oh, and I forgot to add ginger! Woops! Quite honestly, it looks horrifying. I added sugar to make some desert sand to try and tie it together and windows with melted jolly ranchers but woof that just made it worse! However, the cookies tasted great! Would recommend. this recipe, and definitely patience to get it right! Thanks for the tip on using frosting for broken pieces- that worked!

  5. k

    This recipe is the best I have tried. It reminds me of the houses my grandmother used to make.


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