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  1. Pattie Sliwa

    ‘‘Tis the season! Making this beef stock again and have some questions. I rubbed the bones with a bit of olive oil and roasted them. There was a lot of grease in the pan. I assume it should be poured off before deglazing the pan. Is this correct? I deglazed the pan with about a cup of water. I poured that into a grease separator cup and poured liquid into the stock pan. Is this correct? I did put in scraps of celery/carrots I collect in freezer and also roasted a few carrots and celery and an onion. I put all that into a “soup sock” ( available at BBB). Is all this ok? That grease I poured off of the roasting pan is congealing to a mushy texture. Should that be discarded?

  2. Ien van Houten

    To really get the precious minerals out of those bones, add a good glug of vinegar.

  3. Ern Grover

    Simple enough for this country boy. The doc says the bone stock is a good probiotic. We only use the meat that’s left on the bones in addition to the stock produced. The skimmed fat … yes, SAVE! Mixed with some leftover cereal, cornmeal, peanut butter and some sunflower nuts, the birds will thank you. Beef fat is stable at a higher temperature than chicken or pork fat, so it is ideal as a suet ingredient.

  4. gerry

    I make beef stock in a similar way , the bought stuff is just awfuk – the bought chicken stock is ok and I use it but the beef – yuch.
    Nice easy to follow recipe.

    This will make a great tasty stock.

  5. Donald Paczowski

    How long will it last?

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