No ImageHow to Make Beef Stock

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  1. Tonya

    I haven’t made this yet but plan too. I was advised to drink bone broth. How many quarts does this usually make? Also when you suggest adding meat scraps are theses raw or cooked. I have roasted Chuck roast scraps and juices in the freezer. I have always saved for a pot of beef vegatable soup or stew. Can this be added?

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  2. Chris

    i haven’t made this yet, but i’m planning to make some in preparation for a special meal for which i’m making french onion and leek soup. of course your recipe looks very straightforward and i’m sure it’ll turn out just as good as the chicken stock recipe of yours i’ve been taking advantage of as of late (yesterday, as a matter of fact). i’ll keep you posted!

  3. Marty

    Wondering how much flavor the stock should have? I have good color but not a lot of flavor. First time I am making a stock. Followed recipe and simmered for 8 hours. Wondering if maybe I had to much water.

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  4. Oladapo King

    I made it. Smells absolutely stunning


  5. Robert Donnelly

    Chef Bauer,… I’m always interested in doing some of the little things that lift a dish from mediocre to outstanding — utilizing beef stock can be one of those game-changers that is so simple, but it’s a culinary nuance that shouldn’t be ignored, because of what it brings to the endless number of dishes calling for broth.
    I could have used your input the other night,… I had a discussion about the distinction between cooking with broth, and homemade bouillon,… although my friend comes from a family of cooking; it was apparent he’d never made bouillon ‘a thing,’ although I know he’s used it unknowingly by some of the foods he’s prepared for me.

    A few years ago, I was taken by Cajun Creole cooking… I picked up a book by Chef John Besh who detailed the importance of cooking the marrow from the bones and ensuring this made it into the dish; in addition to the ‘burnt bits’ and deglazing to extract the flavour et al.

    I totally subscribe to your tutorial on Beef Stock — It’s really up to the home-cook to take this beef stock and incorporate it into their favorite dishes in order to recognize the value of stock versus broth; stock elevates everything from soups to stews, and sauces.

    Just reading your ‘How to Make Beef Stock’ has convinced me about your importance to detail, which goes a long way to taking a serious look at your many other culinary entries.

    Your passion and knowledge of food has made me a new fan. — Roberto Donini


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