No ImageInstant Pot Chicken Soup

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  1. Leon

    Thank you very much. I really liked this recipe. I adjusted it a bit to suit our tastes.

    1) Used 2tbsps table salt.
    2) Added a few pieces of ginger to the mix.
    3) Used the IP Trivet to hold the chicken. Makes it easier to pull it out later. Link below.
    4) Cooked the chicken for 20mins without the veggies, did an NPR after 10mins, then added the veggies and cooked for another 5mins. The veggies were perfect.


  2. Lynn

    I find that pressure cooking the vegetables for 20-25 minutes results makes them way too soft, almost mushy. I pressure cook vegetables with the chicken just to flavor the broth, then I remove the chicken, strain the broth, add the broth back to the pot, and add new vegetables. Pressure cook for 0 (yes, 0!)) minutes, and you’ll have perfectly done, but not soft vegetables.

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  3. Allison

    This soup is FANTASTIC – I make it twice a month and everyone who eats it raves about it. It is easy to make and incredibly good. I thoroughly disagree with Edward… the amount of salt is perfect!!


  4. A

    Since I found this recipe a few months ago, it is now our all-time favorite way to make chicken soup. It is easy, quick, and turns out great every time. I am not a parsnip fan so leave those out, but have added diced potatoes with great results. The broth is so good! This soup also makes fantastic chicken gravy to serve over biscuits. I just add a cup of cream and thicken with cornstarch. I have used rosemary instead of thyme which is also delicious. I just made a double batch of this soup for the staff at our local small hospital. Coupled with a big batch of homemade dinner rolls, it was a hit!


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  5. Ginger

    I typically cook chicken soup on the stovetop, but was feeling lazy and didn’t want to chop up my whole chicken. I found this recipe and gave it a try! I used my 6 qt instant pot, but could only fit 6 cups of water in (when I reached the max line) and not the full 2 quarts. I used 4 tsps of pink Himalayan sea salt and it didn’t taste too salty. I thought the soup turned out great and I liked that once my ingredients were in there, I didn’t have to do any extra steps. Will definitely be using this recipe again.


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