No ImageInstant Pot Chicken Soup

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  1. Penny

    This recipe is foolproof and perfect! I’ve now followed it twice and both times the ratio of full-sized bird to water to salt is perfection. I throw in peas at the end and I only have fresh thyme on hand in the summer, so I change those things up a bit, but follow the whole chicken, water and salt ratio and you’ll never even want to look for another chicken soup recipe again. Perfect to take to a grieving family with cooked pasta in a container on the side, which is what we’re doing with this batch. Thank you!!


  2. WT

    Better and easier than my former favorite homemade soup


  3. Tami G

    Nice and easy!


  4. Heather

    This was the best chicken soup I’ve made. I used to make it and would add a tbsp of chicken in a mug to give it the extra punch. I followed these directions, and although I didn’t have any thyme, I substituted oregano and for whatever reason, the flavor is incredible! Thank you!


  5. Mike

    Best (and easiest) chicken soup I’ve ever had!


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